Frequent storage in Xinjiang to relieve fruit and vegetable production and sales difficulties Time:2022.09.06

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Right now, all kinds of fruits and vegetables in our district have entered the harvest period one after another, and the preservation library in various places has begun to be busy. Fresh storage extends the storage and sales period of melon fruits and vegetables, and achieves fresh and appreciation. Let's connect to various places to see the important role of fresh -keeping libraries in promoting farmers' income.

There is a preservation library in the village

Link: Liu Shaobin, Rong Media Center, Mo Yu County

"I store the 20 tons of all kinds of various types of vegetables I acquired this year in the fresh -keeping library in Ayagu Hot Village. In the past, we stored fruits and vegetables in a traditional way. It is difficult to keep fresh. After the fresh -keeping library, the fresh -keeping effect greatly improved and increased the fresh -keeping effect. Increase. "On August 28th, the Fresh Library of Ayagus Village, Tolura Township, Moyu County and Tuyniazi, who installed fruit and vegetables on the big car, said.

Ayagu Village Fresh Library is invested and constructed by Xinjiang Lao Baoxin and Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., while acquiring fruit and vegetable freshness, and also leased it. The preservation library stored jujube, onion, garlic, cabbage, peach, grapes and other fruits and vegetables. The amount is about 50 tons.

Aboli Tippu, an administrator of Ayagu Village, Tolura Township, Mo Yu County, and the pork Jizheng weighed the vegetables. Yang Wanlong Photo

"In 2018, we plan to build a fresh -keeping library in Tolura Township. Local cadres actively coordinate various tasks to ensure the smooth implementation of the fresh -keeping library." Said Wang Kangdong, assistant to the chairman of Xinjiang Lao Baoxin and the chairman of the Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

"Our village is close to the county seat, and the villagers are mainly planting vegetables and fruits. In order to continue to increase the income of fruit farmers and vegetable farmers, a fresh -keeping library is built in the village. While absorbing the employment of the villagers, the village collective economy can also earn 40,000 more each year. Yu Yuan. "Said McMati Abdulwra, Secretary of the Party Branch of Ayagu Village, said.

In recent years, Mo Yu County has fully tapped farmers' courtyards, fields and other land available land to develop "autumn and winter vegetables" planting area of ​​110,000 acres and output of 200,000 tons. The county extends fruit and vegetable storage time by opening up the "species, storage, sales" links. At present, Mo Yu County has a total of 256 fresh -keeping databases and 270 underground cellars with a stored area of ​​50,000 tons.

"Next, we will expand the size of the fresh -keeping library, collect fruits and fruits on behalf of them, and then send them to all places for sales. This will absorb more labor and let more villagers increase their income." Wang Kangdong said.

Cracking figs to keep fresh problems

Connected person: Nurbia Enovar Wang Xian, Rong Media Center, Yuepuhu County

In the early morning of August 26, the employee of the Kashgar Tianren Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Tur Er 荪 8 8, and his colleagues were busy in the figland in the flowerless land of Yuepuhu Township, Yuepuhu County. Essence

As a food processing enterprise, Kashgar Tianren Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has its own fresh -keeping library. The company makes full use of special agricultural products such as Yuepu Lake Figs and Octagonal Pear to develop and produce products such as figs, fruits -free milk cakes, and flowers without flowers. The company also launched marketing models such as Taobao online stores and flagship stores, which are favored by consumers.

Figs will be sent to the fresh -keeping library after being packaged. Photo by Nurbia Einovar

"At present, we have acquired 110 tons of figs and 55 tons of octagonal pear. The company is developing new products to enrich product categories."

In recent years, Yuepuhu County has relying on the unique advantageous resources, and in accordance with the development ideas of the integration of the entire industry chain and the integration of the first, secondary and three industries, has formed a benign development path driven by the fruitless fruits industry driven by leading enterprises and actively participating in farmers.

In the past few days, Wang Xin, general manager of Xinjiang Senreya Zhongbao Technology Co., Ltd., is busy preparing for harvesting and processing. Frozen fresh food figs have high requirements for flowers and fruits. In recent days, continuous rainfall flowers cannot be harvested. It needs to be harvested after the weather is fine.

The sufficient sunshine time of Yuepuhu County and the softer land make the planting fruits with large flowers, sufficient moisture, and high sugar content, which is favored by consumers. However, for a long time, because of the short preservation period of figs, the figs in southern Xinjiang have been sold to Urumqi at the farthest.

In June 2018, after the settlement of Yuepuhu County, Xinjiang Senreya Zhongbao Technology Co., Ltd., it actively developed Xinjiang's flowers and fruits preservation technology. Through pre -cold and sterilization, the flow of figs from 2 days to 25 days will be extended. Lake figs have moved towards the national market.

At present, the fruitless planting area of ​​Flower Figs in Yuepuhu County reaches 120,000 mu. Relying on the preservation technology of fig freshness, it will steadily expand the area of ​​flowers -free planting, and create a modern industry with standardized planting, intelligent sorting, and all -cold chain transportation.

Cold chain logistics help preserves fresh "constantly chain"

Piece: Zuo Xiaoyu, Rong Media Center, Changji Prefecture

Right now, in the harvest season of the grapes, the fruit farmers in Hutubi County are busy picking, sorting, and baskets. A bunch of grains full of grains and crystal clear grapes are sent to the preservation library as soon as possible.

"The grapes in our county are good, but fresh grapes are not resistant to storage. If they are not sold in time, it will affect the income of fruit farmers." Zhao Yong, founder of Huinong Agricultural Products Fresh Cooperative in Hutubi County, said that the grapes are sent to freshness after picking. Library, stored in low -temperature environments, and sold to markets in various places through cold chain logistics, will not affect the quality and taste of grapes.

As a visitor of the Fruit Preservation Industry of Hutubi County, Zhao Yong witnessed the changes in the fruit preservation industry from scratch, from weak to strong. In 1998, Zhao Yong introduced the micro -energy saving preservation library and built a family -type fresh -keeping library. At that time, he tried to store 10 tons of Jifeng grapes in the library. He successfully extended the freshness of the grapes to the Spring Festival. When it was listed, he sold more than 100,000 yuan. He not only recovered the investment in fresh library construction, but also made a profit of 20,000 yuan. In 2008, after 10 years in the field of fruit preservation, Zhao Yong took the lead in setting up Huatubi County Huinong Agricultural Products Fresh Cooperative. Today, the cooperative has 120 fruit and vegetable preservation library, and the general library of fresh library is 12,000 tons.

In recent years, Hutubi County has continuously extended special forest fruit industry chains such as grapes, Xiangfei Begonia fruit, etc., with the development of fruit and vegetable freshness cooperatives as a breakthrough, accelerating the construction of cold chain logistics centers, converting the advantages of the forest and fruit industry to economic advantages, forming a use of the advantages of the forest and fruit industry, forming a use of the advantages of the forest and fruit industry, and forming a use of the advantages of the forest and fruit industry, forming a use of the advantages of the forest and fruit industry, and forming the formation of the advantages of the forest and fruit industry. The industrialized business model of planting, fresh -keeping, cold chain transportation, and sales, effectively promoting the rapid development of fruit and vegetable preservation industry, increasing the path for farmers' income.

In the Fruit and Vegetable Fresh Sembius Fresh Library of the Farmers and Vegetables in Hutu Wishi County, the fruit and vegetables in Hohitty Planting farmers, the fruit and vegetables such as grapes are picked and passed through the cold chain, and the domestic markets such as Nanjing, Beijing, and Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, etc. foreign market.

Nowadays, the characteristic high -quality fruits and vegetables in Hutubi County have continued to increase the sales capacity of peaks through the preservation library and cold chain logistics, and the added value of agricultural products has continued to increase.

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