Nanjing Head Installation Enterprise Entering the Alliance Breakout Breakout

Beginning in the second half of 2021, the low tide of the property market came. Th...

Huizhou Fulling Smart Terminal Enterprise exceeds 130, with an annual output value of nearly 100 billion yuan

Last year, Huizhou's mobile phone output was about 200 million units. Not only mobile phones, as an important domestic smart terminal production base, Huizhou is also one of the main production bases.

There are many chaos in the home improvement industry. How many chaos have you recruited?

Dahe Daily · Yu Video Reporter Chu TianshuIn the process of home improvement, man...

Tianjin: Epidemic prevention should be more fire prevention, don't forget fire safety

Recently, the city's epidemic situation is at a critical moment at the stage of tackling. It does not gather, do not gather meals, go out, and move less. In order to do a good job of home safety work.

Europeans burst into Chinese electric blankets!Industry: Sober!Lack of energy is not a lack of electrical appliances!

Our reporter Shu Yajiang Our winter heating artifact was discovered by foreigners!...

How long can Chinese products buy by Europeans?

China's electric blanket has become the explosive item that European consumers hav...

"Integrated applet of the transportation office" will be launched next month to decorate garbage to make an appointment to go to the door to clear the transportation

The first demonstration project of Beijing's first decoration garbage resource disposal project was officially put into operation in Chaoyang District Circular Economic Industrial Park this month. At.

@: The lesson is painful!As a result, the home was burned without pulling out of the charging cable

The lesson is painful!As a result, the family was burned out without a charging line: Recently, a fire broke out in a residential building in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Fortunately, the firefighters were res

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