US dollar index fell on the 29th

Xinhua News Agency, New York, September 29 (Reporter Liu Yan) US dollar index fell on the 29th.The US dollar index of the US dollar fell 0.31%on the day, and closed at 112.2540 at the end of the forei

"2022.09.30" Easy morning tea

H o t s p o t◆focus◆The Ministry of National Defense introduces the exchange and...

Memorial is to not forget | Yangtze Comments

Today is the ninth martyr's anniversary, tomorrow is the 73rd birthday of New China. When the two solemn times are connected again in the current time, the memories of our nation's grievances and joy.

The highest temperature in the central urban area is 38 ℃!Autumn tiger counterattack

Wuhan City Three -day ForecastToday during the day: sunny day to cloudyTonight: Sunny to cloudyMaximum temperature: 35 ℃, minimum temperature: 25 ℃Humidity: 45-85 %, wind: East wind 2 to 3 levelsCen

【Hello Wuhan】 Tongtu

Wuhan Yangtze River Second BridgePhoto by Liu Wei, a city photography teamApprecia...

Bring 22 invited dramas to return, the ninth Wuzhen Drama Festival was held from November 25th to December 4th

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Ai XiuyuOn the afternoon of Septem...

The Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships Team Opening today

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Zhan ShuzhenThe 56th International...

The European Commission announced the eighth round of sanctions on Russia

On September 28, local time, the Chairman of the European Commission Feng Delin and the senior representative of the European Union's Foreign and Security Policy, Berrely, held a press conference at t

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