The European Commission announced the eighth round of sanctions on Russia

Author:Jilin Daily Time:2022.09.30

On September 28, local time, the Chairman of the European Commission Feng Delin and the senior representative of the European Union's Foreign and Security Policy, Berrely, held a press conference at the Brucel EU headquarters in Belgium, announcing the eighth round of sanctions on Russia.

Feng Delin announced that it will completely ban the sales of Russian goods in the EU market, which will reduce Russia's income of 7 billion euros; increase the list of products, technology and service for prohibiting from exports to Russia;The legal foundation of the price, and take measures to punish the EU's trials to escape the EU sanctions on Russia.

Berry announced the increase in sanctions on Russian individuals and entities, including the Russian government, military, and scientific research institutions.

According to regulations, the above measures have to be reviewed and approved by 27 member states of the EU.

Source: CCTV News

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