"Memory · Phantom -Cao Li Art" & "Quiet Daily -Zhang Xiaoxi Painting Works" Double Exhibition appeared in Guizhou Art Museum

On August 20, 2022, Memory • Fantasy -Cao Li Art, hosted by the Guizhou Provinc...

Cctv16 · Olympic Olympic 丨 Explore the cultural imprint of "Han Portrait Stone · Bitu"

The topic Olympic Olympic carefully created by the Central Radio and Television St...

Digitalized farmhouse book house to let the book incense reach Wanjia

Recently, the Fourteenth Five -Year cultural development plan was issued at the national level, which clearly required the promotion of the digital construction of farm bookstores. The arrival of th

Museum on the screen: Wenbo can also surpass time and space

Recently, the construction of the Digital Culture and Art Museum of Central Radio and Television, the Yangbo digital platform construction, was officially launched. The platform will use VR/AR virtu

Painted Civilized Haidian | Xiangshan Street held a summer non -heritage activity to promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture of China

In order to enrich the summer life of children and children, in August, in 2022, the Children's Reading Chinese Tongshan Non -Heritage in Haidian District in 2022 —— welcome the 20th anniversary r..

I have never drank "broken silver", why dare to understand Pu'er?

When I was young, many people had a dream in their hearts.Fresh clothes are angry,...

Chinese and elegant wine: good luck to the king, invite drinking longevity

The more difficult people, the more people's desire for beauty.Just like people's ...

Over the past ten years, my country's cultural heritage has further "lived"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 24th (Reporter Shi Yusen Xuzhuang) The Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee held a series of theme press conferences in Beijing on the 24th to introdu

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