The severe flood in the United States has died in 8 people, and the house was washed away in 45 minutes

Jimu Journalist Song QingyingIntern Yang XingnanAccording to CNN, on July 28, loca...

Global Line | Thai exhibitors look forward to expanding the market through the Expo

The second Expo, with the theme of Sharing Open Opportunities and Create a Beautif...

A woman in the United States entered a pet store stealing dog monitoring and took the whole process of committing the crime.

According to the British Mirror reported on July 29, on July 23, a woman from Flor...

It's about to start, Taiwan "to be determined"

Pelosi is about to start a trip to Asia, and whether Taiwan has not been determine...

Kenya last year's 179 elephants died of drought and thirst, which was 20 times the hunter.

Jimu Journalist Sun YanIntern Zeng ZhengAccording to BBC 28, Kenya Wildlife Protec...

The first lady of the destroyer of the "King of Zhengzu" in South Korea wields the ax to cut off the cable

Overseas Network, July 29. According to the Yonhap News Agency, on July 28, the South Korean military held a new generation of Aegis destroyer Zhengzu in Ulshan City.After the speech of South Korean

The donation ceremony for Chinese companies to assist Afghanistan's earthquake relief supplies was held in Kabul

Xinhua News Agency, Kabul, July 28 (Reporter Zou Xuenian) China Metallurgical Group held a donation ceremony for Anti Earthquake Disaster Rescue Materials in Kabul, Afghanistan on the 28th. Muslim, de

A fire in a hotel in Moscow caused 8 deaths: the alarm failure window fence affects escape

Overseas Network, July 29. According to Russia's satellite news agency reported on the 29th, the Russian emergency department released news that on the 28th local time, a sudden fire in a hotel in sou

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