The highest temperature in the central urban area is 38 ℃!Autumn tiger counterattack

Author:Changjiang Daily Time:2022.09.30

Wuhan City Three -day Forecast

Today during the day: sunny day to cloudy

Tonight: Sunny to cloudy

Maximum temperature: 35 ℃, minimum temperature: 25 ℃

Humidity: 45-85 %, wind: East wind 2 to 3 levels

Central urban area: maximum temperature 36 ℃, minimum temperature 26 ℃

Tomorrow weather: cloudy to sunny days

Maximum temperature: 36 ℃, minimum temperature: 27 ℃

Humidity: 45-85 %, wind: southwind level 3

Central urban area: maximum temperature of 37 ° C, minimum temperature 28 ° C

Weather the day after tomorrow: sunny to cloudy

Maximum temperature: 37 ℃, minimum temperature: 28 ℃

Humidity: 45-85 %, Wind: Southern Wind 3 to 4, Gust 5th level

Central urban area: maximum temperature 38 ° C, minimum temperature 29 ° C

(Source: Wuhan Meteorological Observatory)

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