Bring 22 invited dramas to return, the ninth Wuzhen Drama Festival was held from November 25th to December 4th

Author:Yangcheng Evening News Yangche Time:2022.09.30

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all -media reporter Ai Xiuyu

On the afternoon of September 29, the ninth Wuzhen Drama Festival launch conference was held in Beijing. The three sponsors Huang Lei, Lai Shengchuan, Meng Jinghui, and Ding Nai Zhu, together with the general planning, announced this special drama list and wonderful highlights. The theme of this year's Wuzhen Drama Festival is "Feng" -the Shunji is all real estate, rich and frugal, regardless of the harvest, aspirations to cultivate.

It is reported that the ninth Wuzhen Drama Festival will be held from November 25th to December 4th. Yue Minjun, a leading figure in contemporary art of contemporary Chinese art and famous international artist Yue Minjun, created the main visual paintings for this Wuzhen Drama Festival.

This year's Wuzhen Drama Festival has once again gathered four units: special drama, youth competition, ancient town carnival, and town dialogue. The special planning theater market unit will also continue the wonderfulness of the previous session. At the press conference, Meng Jinghui, the sponsor and artistic director of the Wuzhen Drama Festival, revealed that the invited dramas will be divided into six parts of "golden division", "free landing", "lonely quality", "gravity entanglement", "eternal motivation", invited invitations, invitations 22 special invited repertoires, a total of 63 performances.

In the "Golden Section" section, Meng Jinghui's adaptation of his work "Seventh Day" and Mu Sen's adaptation "Red Sorghum Family" will be a bold meeting of literature and drama at the Wuzhen Grand Theater. Dancer Wang Yabin will dance on the book of "Tsing Yi" to find the return of the people in the play.

The "Freedom Falling" section, Lai Shengchuan's new "Grand -Delta Relations" will explore the multiple maintenances of real life with actors Xie Na and articles.

"Lonely Lights" gathers the excellent unicorn works of Chinese contemporary contemporary Chinese: "Fox Angel", "Report of a Ape", "Xiao Ke", "Jacobbi and Thunder", "Lucky Audience".

"Gravity" will re -interpret the works of world -class drama masters, inject new perspectives, new scenery, and new emotions.

The "quantum entanglement" part will be staged with dance works with very mature structures, technology and concepts. Gao Yanjinzi's "Three more Rain · Wish" presents the dance of the soul of the soul of the soul of the traditional culture and artistic ornamental. Zhao Liang's "Dance", as a unbounded theater work, shows the modern dance form of Chinese martial arts in front of the world. The members of the "Last Dance" team come from all walks of life, and they dig inwardly and hit the power of life. Chen Zihao's multimedia dance theater "29" gathered the popular dancer Li Yu and Da Zhu. Through the new media image, the integration of drama, dance, and songs was fully displayed.

In the "Motivation of Motivation", Liu Xiaoyi once again brought an immersive creative drama "Deep Blue". Zhang Hui brought the drama "Tanning" adapted from the real story.

In addition, the "College Observation" unit at the Wuzhen Drama Festival, "Fairy Tale" from the Master of Art Troupe from Nanjing University, and the "Li Shu Tong" of the Nanjing Academy of Arts and Television & Breathing Drama, also brought the audience unique, moving, youthful, youthful, youthful youth Stage style.

This year's youth competition has been created with the proposition of "wine bottle, blank, remote control". Since the three months of opening up, a total of 541 participating works have been received, and 18 shortlisted works will be announced on October 15.

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