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The Ministry of National Defense introduces the exchange and cooperation between the two armed forces between China and Russia

Recently, China and Russia held the seventeenth round of strategic security consultations. A spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense Tan Kefei said on the 29th that since this year, China and Russia have organized the fourth joint air strategic cruise. The Chinese army went to Russia to participate in the "Oriental-20122" exercise to host and participate in the "International Military Competition-20122". In the next step, China is willing to work with Russia to fully implement the important consensus of the heads of state of the two countries, deepen the strategic communication between the two armies, continue to carry out pragmatic cooperation in various fields, continuously enrich the new strategic connotation for the relationship between the two countries, and maintain peace in the world and regions. Stable and positive contribution.

The Central Internet Information Office carried out the rumor of rumors to rectify the rumor chaos

The reporter learned from the Central Cyberspace Office on the 29th that since August this year, it has been arranged in accordance with the special operations of "clearing and combating online rumors and false information". Organize 12 website platforms to carry out online rumor labeling work, comprehensively sort out the storage rumors, timely report the exposure of the typical network rumors marked, and maximize the survival space of online rumors.

Prosecutor's prosecution in accordance with the law on the case of Zhang Jinghua's suspicion of bribery cases

Zhang Jinghua, the former deputy secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, was suspected of accepting a bribery case. Recently, the Wuhan People's Procuratorate has filed a public prosecution to the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court.

my country found the oldest and complete mandibular vertebrate fossils

Chinese scientists have recently discovered the "Chongqing Special Buried Fossil Library" and "Guizhou Shili Fossil Library" in Chongqing, Guizhou and other places about 440 million years ago. Differential evidence has provided exact evidence, and a series of new discoveries are obtained accordingly, which refreshes the traditional cognition of the early evolutionary history of jaw. The study was completed by Academician Zhu Min in the Institute of Ancient Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Ancient Human Research. Relevant results formed 4 academic articles. They were published online in the same period in the international academic journal "Nature" on the 28th.

Announcement of Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships

The Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships will be unveiled on September 30, and the schedule has been officially released. There are 32 men's teams and 28 women's groups in the World Table Tennis Championships. From September 30th to October 4th, the men's and women's group groups will be played. The top 16 men and women will enter the knockout stage starting on October 5.

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Why does the iron rice bowl of Dunhuang Research Institute ask?

"Dunhuang archeological preparation positions have no one to ask for help" attracted attention and heated discussion, and this is not a solitary case. However, the soil layer of the problem solving is also constantly being rich, and the role of the predecessors is leading the first. The youth is pleasing to follow, forming a positive cycle. To cultivate archeological talents and retain cultural protection talents, it requires real policy support. "Order" cultural protection talent training is a useful exploration, which may open up a new path of "two -way" of talents and archeological undertakings. Pursuing historical sounds, you need to resist loneliness, keep your original intention, and be inseparable from feelings and dedication. Do a good job of guarantee and provide room for growth, so that more interested archaeological talents can join in, maintain the stability of archeological talents, and help archeology continue to renew. (Comment on People's Daily)

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A memory

Martyr's Day

September 30 is the anniversary of the martyrs of our country. On August 31, 2014, the Tenth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress voted in a legal form to be established as a Chinese martyr's anniversary on September 30.

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A little health

Drink tea, choose more flowers and plants, soak the root stems

The tea generation is also known as medicine tea. It refers to drinking with Chinese herbal medicine and tea, or made from single -flavored Chinese herbal medicine or compound Chinese herbal medicine for brewing and cooking.Modern people should pay attention to drinking tea health care, and choose more flowers and plants to choose the root stems.Commonly used drugs for tea are chrysanthemums, mulberry leaves, mint, honeysuckle, lotus leaves, hawthorn, tangerine peel, jujube, etc. Compared with rhizome medicinal materials, these flowers and plants can only be dissolved in effective substances with hot water.In the water; and the rhizome medicinal materials are "thick", the brewing method is very small, and the method of decoction is required to precipitate the effective ingredients of the drug. It is not suitable for daily bubbles.In addition, magnets, pearls, keels, oysters and other minerals, shell drugs are hard in quality, and it is not easy to soak out of active ingredients, and it is not suitable for daily brewing.not

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my country's third aircraft carrier named

The picture shows the launching ceremony. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Gang by L...

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