US dollar index fell on the 29th

Author:Xinhuanet Time:2022.09.30

Xinhua News Agency, New York, September 29 (Reporter Liu Yan) US dollar index fell on the 29th.

The US dollar index of the US dollar fell 0.31%on the day, and closed at 112.2540 at the end of the foreign exchange market.

As of the end of the New York Market, the 1 -euro was exchanged for $ 0.9793, which was higher than the $ 0.9748 of the previous trading day; the pound was $ 1.1058, which was higher than the $ 1.0903 of the previous trading day.

1 US dollars exchanged for 144.40 yen, higher than 143.99 yen on the previous trading day; 1 US dollar exchange of 0.9779 Swiss franc, which was higher than 0.9759 Swiss francs on the previous trading day;1.3616 Canadian dollars; $ 1 exchanged for 11.1908 Swedish Crane, which is higher than the 11.1745 Swedish Crown on the previous trading day.

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