The 7th China -Asia -Europe Expo "Xinjiang Culflin Fruit Fragrance • Tianshan Pearl Water" 2022 Love to connect with Ligua fruit harvest festival Time:2022.09.19

Pomegranate/Xinjiang Daily (Reporter Zhang Ting reported) On September 19, one of the seventh China -Asian Europe Expo important activities- "Xinjiang Cantonese Fruits Fragrant Fragrance • Tianshan Pearl Water" 2022 loves Litua The Guofeng Harvest Festival was held in Urumqi City, and the digital collections were launched simultaneously.

The seventh China -Asian Europe Expo "Xinjiang Culflin Fruit Fragrant Fragrance • Tianshan Pearl Water" 2022 Love connects the Liluo fruit harvest festival activity. Pomegranate cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Lu Yiyi Photo

The reporter learned that as one of the two main guests of this expo, in addition to the introduction of the "Guangdong Trade National • Guangdong Trade Global" project -related brand products, Guangdong Province also showed the results of the counterparts in the melonary and fruit harvest festival, showing the results of the counterparts, exhibitions and sales. Xinjiang's special -characteristic melon and fruit products and Guangdong Jiaguo products promote the exchange and cooperation between the characteristic melon and fruit industry of the two places.

With the reputation of "Guoguo's Hometown", the planting area of ​​forest fruit is about 18.5 million mu, accounting for 13%of the national forest fruit planting area, and is one of the main forest fruit producing areas. In recent years, Guangdong Province is committed to revitalizing the characteristic resources of the aid in an innovative model, driving the motivation to stimulate the people of all ethnic groups, and promoting the high -quality development of Xinjiang's economic and social.

On August 16th, this Gua fruit harvest festival has been launched on the online digital industrial service platform of Guangdong Trade Bank. The theme zone is opened and connected to Guangdong Province, Yue Shangtong, Yuezhengyi, Tianshan Gonghui and other platforms to form a "aid in Xinjiang aid Xinjiang "Helping the digital platform matrix", through online exhibitions, hundreds of millions of benefits to the people, the love collection of government -enterprise unions, the promotion of the promotion of the media matrix, and the power of the new farmer models, etc., to broaden online sales for Xinjiang Guagua.

The seventh China -Asian Europe Expo "Xinjiang Culflin Fruit Fragrant Fragrance • Tianshan Pearl Water" 2022 Love connects the Liluo fruit harvest festival activity. Pomegranate cloud/Xinjiang Daily reporter Lu Yiyi Photo

After the early "preheating", on the same day, an offline launching ceremony was held at the seventh China -Asia -Europe Expo. Multi -zones enter the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area Market.

"With the opportunity of this melon and fruit harvest festival, the Guangdong Trade Bank will strive to act as the core area of ​​the Xinjiang Silk Road Economic Belt and the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area. Lu Xiaohong, head of the "Guangdong Trade Bank" platform, said.

It is understood that in 2021, Guangdong Province invested nearly 100 million yuan in funding in Xinjiang. Chain Park -Yuejia Xinmei Industrial Park, the introduction of enterprises settled, initially formed an industrial chain with Xinmei as the main product.

In addition, in order to actively respond to the "Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival" with the theme of "Qingfeng Harvest Welcome" this year, this melon and fruit harvest festival will be combined through online and offline to organize a variety of melon and fruit celebration bumper harvest activities and " The model of non -heritage culture+"deepen the festival content, develop digital collections of Xinjiang non -heritage culture and cultural tourism attractions, and based on the" Guangdong Trade Bank Digital Industry Service Platform "activation and innovation festival.

"We will fully rely on Guangdong's huge high -end market demand and mature multi -marketing model to deepen the two web constructions of Xinjiang forest fruit products' production and sales to help Xinjiang's forest and fruit industry truly become advantageous industries and rich people." Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group Group (Group Group Group (Group Group (Group Group ) Liang Bin, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Co., Ltd., said that the enterprise expects to use the event to further build a sales platform and broaden the sales channels. To better promote Xinjiang's characteristic forest fruit, cultivate and strengthen the characteristic forest fruit industry in Xinjiang, create influential geographical logo products and corporate brands, promote the integrated development of production and sales, and allow more "Xinjiang Youguo" to move towards Guangdong and all over the country.

"Digitalization is a new opportunity for industrial upgrading. We also look forward to further promoting resource sharing and industrial cooperation in the process of" Guangdong cooperation ", to promote the development of Xinjiang's characteristic industries, and help the villages in Guangdong and Jiangjiang." Guangyao Group market planning Minister Yao Jiangxiong said.

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