The scale of the credit of the Agricultural Issuing Shangluo Branch exceeded 8 billion yuan

Author:China Economic Times Rural Fin Time:2022.09.21

Since the beginning of this year, the Shangluo Branch of Agricultural Issuing Shangluo City has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the General Bank of the Provincial Bank of China at the beginning of the year, and incorporated its own work into the overall situation of serving the economic market, Shangluo's "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", and the overall situation of socio -economic development and creating the "one capital and four districts". In strategic planning, further strengthen the support of supporting agriculture, actively connect with key areas and key project funds, and continuously increase credit support. The annual cumulative approval of various loans of various loans is 2.844 billion yuan, the release is 2.168 billion yuan, and the credit scale exceeds 8 billion yuan. It reached 8122 billion yuan, which effectively played the positive role of agricultural policy finance, supplementing shortcomings, and counter -cyclical mediation.

Bacon builds the soul to catch the party's construction, and grasp the new weather of the business. Further enhanced the political and people's understanding of financial work, and regarded Bacon's soul -building to grasp the party building as the root of all work. Quality Party building leads to high -quality development, and strives to implement the results of learning to work well and promote the development of the cause. Continue to promote the change of style, carry out the style construction activities of "reflection, strong responsibility, courage innovation, and promoting development" in depth. When the five states are built, the spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship of the work is refreshing. In particular, take the special role in a special period as a test gold stone for testing politics, mobilize limited manpower and material resources, and overcome difficulties. During the sealing period, 3 loans, 182 million yuan, 1 pile of infrastructure construction funds, 100 million yuan Essence At the same time, the quality of the loan was continuously improved, and the record of loans continued to refresh, and the new speed of the first 300 million yuan loan was in place within 3 hours of obtaining the loan approval letter.

Strengthen the responsibility of grasping their duties and grasp the new actions of credit support farmers. Since the beginning of this year, the bank has further strengthened the political responsibility of stabilizing the market and promoting development, and took the initiative to achieve active results. Take service food security as the foundation of the foundation, combined with the responsibilities of the work and the actual situation of Shangluo, on the basis of coordinating the supply and management of grain and oil policy reserves and market -oriented acquisition funds. "The requirements of the loan are 60 million yuan, supporting the land reclamation of Zhen'an County, and strengthening the" Agricultural Land Bank "brand. A total of 1.877 billion yuan of accurate assistance loans was put in, of which 1.473 billion yuan was launched in follow -up support loans, 40 concentrated resettlement points supported by more than 800 people, accounting for 57.97%of the city's 69 or more centralized resettlement points. Focusing on the development planning and regional characteristics of the Shangluo Agricultural Industry Industry, a total of 146 million yuan in loans support the upgrading of the special agricultural industries such as Chinese herbal medicine, edible fungi, chrysanthemum taro, and wine, helping to enhance the vitality of regional economic development. Focus on Shangluo's goal of creating the "Capital of China Climate Care", approval of 1.348 billion yuan in loans and 439 million yuan in place. Construction of Kangyang Resort. In -depth implementation of the concept of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains", focusing on the major political tasks such as the ecological protection of the Qinling Mountains and the protection of the Yangtze River, 1.639 billion yuan for the total sewage treatment loan of sewage treatment, and the release is 1.16 billion yuan, helping the "Yiphong Qingshui perpetual sustainable sustainable sustainable sustainable sustainability Northern ". Seize the opportunity to deploy policy development financial instruments in the State Council, and timely put on 2 pens of 260 million yuan in the China Agricultural Development Infrastructure Construction Fund.

Deeply cultivate the service and grasp the new situation of pragmatic cooperation. The bank strives to strengthen the response and execution of the needs of the local party and government planning and the development needs of the "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas", especially in -depth promotion of the provincial branch and the Shangluo Municipal Government to sign the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" to obtain it. Create the development goals of the "One Capital and Four Districts", as well as the 9 key projects of the planned and "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" key projects, accurately match the agricultural issuance credit policy, organize personnel to follow up in time, formulate special financial service programs, to in order A large number of key projects such as pumping storage power stations, photovoltaic power generation, highway, and double storage forests provide integrated financing and integration services. 60 in the library cultivation projects have reached 60, and it is planned to provide a credit of 24.5 billion yuan. At present, 2 key projects in the nine central urban areas of Shangluo have supported 2, providing 1.33 billion yuan, which has been highly recognized by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Increase the combination of policy development financial instruments and agricultural policy credit products, support the construction of municipal transportation comprehensive logistics parks through investment and loan linkage, and press the "shortcut keys" for key projects in the city. At the same time, adhere to the idea of ​​"getting out of the bank to run a bank", continuously improve the quality of service, and marketing has consolidated a large number of key customers. At present, there are 74 credit customers in the bank, and 19 are interested in cooperative customers. New vitality. (Suo Yongbo)

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