14 companies' revenue exceeds 10 billion Shijiazhuang 2022 Top 100 Enterprise List.

Author:Great Wall Time:2022.09.30

Great Wall Network · Jiyun Client, September 29 (Reporter Yuan Lipeng) On September 29, Shijiazhuang Enterprise Federation and Shijiazhuang Entrepreneurs Association released 2022 Shijiazhuang's top 100 business income, Top 100 taxes, and innovation hundreds of innovations Strong enterprise list and analysis report.

The list of the top 100 business income of Shijiazhuang has been released for the 17th consecutive year, and the list of taxes of the top 100 taxes and the top 100 enterprises are all released for the first time. The list is based on the international practice and the Chinese Enterprise Federation and the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association's top 500 sorting methods. Based on the data of each enterprise in 2021, through the voluntary declaration of enterprises and relevant counties (cities, districts) form.

Profile picture: The newly -built annual output of 2.6 million tons of cold rolling projects. Photo by Xiao Jianguo

The dedicated group, Sinopec Shijiazhuang Refining and Chemical Branch, and Hesteel Steel Co., Ltd. ranked first in the top 100 business income enterprises, the top 100 tax enterprises, and the top 100 enterprise lists.

The analysis report shows that the total operating income of 2022 Shijiazhuang's business income for the first time was 700 billion yuan, reaching 758.192 billion yuan, an increase of 18.98%over last year. The threshold for the finalists of the top 100 business income reached 1.014 billion yuan, which set the highest increase in the threshold for shortlisted since the release of the top 100 operating income list. Among the 2022 business income companies, 14 companies exceeded 10 billion yuan.

Profile picture: Ultra -high -strong steel products produced by Hesteel Group. Photo by Du Yuxin Zhao Hui Chen Ruijuan

The 2022 Shijiazhuang taxpayer enterprises, with a total taxation of 44.535 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 12.6%over the previous year, and an average tax increase of 6.3 percentage points higher than the city.

At the same time, 2022 Shijiazhuang Innovation Enterprises, the total investment in R & D in 2021 was 16.97 billion yuan, 3948 newly applied for intellectual property rights, and 2,537 newly licensed intellectual property rights. From the perspective of the industry distribution, the top 100 companies and Shijiazhuang's five leading industries have a high degree of fit, with 23 high -tech service industries, 21 advanced manufacturing and automation, 17 biological and new medicines, 17 new materials, and 11 electronic information.

Profile picture: Shijiazhuang Four Medicine Group Research Institute. Photo by Shi Jianhui

The analysis report also pointed out that Shijiazhuang still has some noteworthy issues, such as large enterprises still have fewer and traditional industries still play the main role. The report suggested that the top 100 companies, especially the five major industrial clusters, to further increase their support, help enterprises innovate driver and overcome difficulties, and make greater contributions to the total economic volume of Shijiazhuang.

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