The National Development and Reform Commission pays attention to Jilin: High -quality development projects promote economic stability to rise

Author:Jilin Daily Time:2022.09.30

Jilin Province strengthened the "project as king" with a clear orientation, adhered to the project, grasped the project, and grasped the project, and supported the province's economic stability and recovery to support the project as the support. On the 29th, the official WeChat public account of the National Development and Reform Commission focused on the recent highlights of economic operation, focused on the construction of the Jilin Province project, worked hard to reduce the impact of the epidemic, and stabilize the economic market.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission, from January to July, the project investment (excluding real estate development) of Jilin Province increased by 4.7%, of which project investment increased by 5.6%of the projects of 100 million yuan. Add 145.

Promote high -level grasping projects, focus on focusing on large projects, and guarantee elements. Jilin province has strived to expand effective investment, accelerate the construction of major projects, consolidate economic recovery to a good foundation, and cultivate high -quality development new kinetic energy.

Pressing the "fast -forward keys", Jilin Province held a conference on the provincial and city -level three -level project construction conference, and the provincial leadership high -level high -level deployment of investment and project construction in the province. Carry out the 100 -day tackling operation of investment and project construction in the province, and promote the effectiveness of the project construction. The whole province has formed the atmosphere of catching the project construction that you chase and me.

The excavator index expresses the operating rate and work of various types of engineering machinery and equipment, and is called the "economic barometer of the economy". Earlier, data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that the overall operating rate of the national construction machinery in August this year was 63.99%. The overall operating rate of the mechanical operating rate in July in 17 provinces and cities increased from the previous month. The highest point of the running rate -78.01%.

Jilin Province seized the "bull nose" of the project construction, and promoted the construction of key projects. The Audi FAW New Energy Project was fully started. It is expected to form an industrial cluster with an output value of 150 billion yuan. The auspicious transformation and upgrading project was fully launched, and it was the first large -scale petrochemical project approved by the country since the "14th Five -Year Plan". The land scenery of the Three Gorges, 100 billion catties of grain projects, and millions of beef cattle projects have been promoted solidly, and the role of support for the economy is constantly prominent. Actively plan major projects. At present, the province rolled 2,128 major projects of more than 100 million yuan, of which 473 projects of more than 1 billion yuan were planned.

Accelerate the progress of the construction of new projects in construction, Jilin Province fully implements the "six stability" requirements of the central government, promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and achieve high -quality economic development. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of "stop falling, rising, and growth", Jilin Province took the lead in deployment of "fighting for 100 days, winning the third quarter of the third quarter, and making full efforts to make up the epidemic loss." In August of this year, the added value of industries above designated size in Jilin Province increased by 27.2%year -on -year, higher than the national average of 23 percentage points, and ranked 1st in the provinces and cities across the country.

Data show that from January to August this year, the added value of the province's petrochemical industry represented by Jihua Group increased by 2.4%year-on-year; the province's automobile manufacturing industry represented by FAW achieved the increase in value-added in August by 63.2%year-on-year increased by 63.2%. Good results, the contribution rate of the increase in industrial added value in the province in the province in the province reached 72.4%, driving the province's industrial growth of 19.7 percentage points in the month. At the same time, the province's food industry, information industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, and equipment manufacturing industries have achieved double -digit growth.

Throughout the major projects in Jilin Province, it is all projects that optimize industrial layout, expand emerging industries, consolidate infrastructure, and enhance people's well -being. Take the initiative to break the "difficulty" and pass through the "blocking point". Jilin Province fully implements the country's major favorable policies, send the policy to the site of project construction, and continuously release the dividend of the "run once" reform to ensure that the factor is done well.

Promoting projects at a high starting point, high -quality construction projects, and high -level service projects. At present, 95 projects and demands of 95 project centers in Jilin Province solve 652 issues and needs; set up a bank -enterprise docking platform to promote 461 projects to obtain 50.63 billion yuan in credit support.

Adhere to the project as king, enterprise -based, environmental, investment first, Jilin Province efficiency, grab progress, excellent environment, strong services, seize opportunities, dig potential, make up for shortcomings, prevent risks Steady growth, regulation of structure, and promoting transformation, spare no effort to maintain the stable and healthy economic environment, and build a good economic and social development environment for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Source: People's Daily -Jilin Channel

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