The larger investment scale of the investment scale is better than the "three batches" event in Anyang City.

Author:Henan Daily Client Time:2022.09.30

On September 28, the "three batches" event in the province was held. Anyang listened to the actual situation of the provincial conference in a video connection, and launched a centralized signing, centralized construction, and centralized production and production activities simultaneously.

The municipal party secretary Yuan Jiajian attended the project signing ceremony and announced the start of the sixth phase of the city's sixth phase and high -end photoelectric display material projects. Gao Yong, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, spoke at the concentrated construction ceremony. Yin Jianyong, deputy general manager of Henan Investment Group, and city leaders Dong Lianghong, Wang Pu, and Wang Hongbing participated in related activities.

On the morning of the same day, under the witness of Yuan Jiajian and Gao Yong, such as the participants, such as the plastic shell micro -car production project with 1.1 billion yuan, and an annual output of 1.1 billion yuan, the 30 million light -light catalyst ceramic mosaic project was signed at the Anyang branch. Other projects signed the contract simultaneously at the relevant county. These projects cover key industries such as high -end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, and green food.

At the start site of the high -end photoelectric display material project, Gao Yong notified the relevant situation of the "three batches" event in the city's sixth phase. He requested that all departments at all levels in the city must continue to carry forward the "shop primary two" spirit of "the eloquent and uncomfortable", be brave and actively act, and use the full use of a good economic package policy and the dividend of the continuation policy measures. Provide project construction with full -process, full -chain, and full factor guarantee, and strive to build large projects and good projects into high -quality projects, satisfaction projects and model projects. It is necessary to make a good plan for the prevention and control of the epidemic and the construction of the project construction to ensure that key projects are non -stop production and non -stop working, and make every effort to promote the early operation and putting effective results of the project. It has made new and greater contributions to the establishment of a strong city in the center of modernization, and welcomes the 20th CPC victory of the Party with excellent results.

After the starting ceremony, Yuan Jiajian and his party went into the production site of the 3D display material project of Henan Quxian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

It is understood that in the sixth phase of the province's sixth phase of the "three batches" event, 26 new contract projects were signed in our city, with a total investment of 16.18 billion yuan; 36 "starting batch" projects, with a total investment of 25.21 billion yuan; There are 80 "investment in a batch" project with a total investment of 58.76 billion yuan. Compared with the fifth phase, the project investment scale is larger and the industrial structure is better. In particular, the investment in the "starting batch" project increased by 9.6 billion yuan, and the proportion of strategic emerging industries accounted for more than 80%. The total investment of high -end photoelectric display materials of Technology Co., Ltd. and Linzhou City Pumping Power Station reached 10 billion yuan. (Anyang Rong Media Reporter Liu Yunli)

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