The vitality forest acquisition of apricot tea "favorite", add domestic plant beverage track

Author:Dahe Cai Cube Time:2022.06.29

[Dahe Daily · Dahecai Cube] (Reporter Li Zhen) On June 29, insiders inside the vitality forest revealed to reporters, and the vitality forest has recently completed the acquisition of Xingpi Tea. This also means that in just two years, in the plant beverage camp of the vitality forest layout, in addition to the fiber tea with "medicines such as the same" and other "medicines", as well as the Bayan wooden milk brand Almo from Australia, A special drink in northwestern China has been added.

Xingpi Tea is one of the intangible cultural heritage of Dunhuang City, and it is also a well -known daily drink in the people in the northwestern regions such as Gansu, Qinghai, and Shaanxi. As the "herbal tea" in the northwest, apricot tea has a sweet and sour taste, the characteristics of relieving spicy and greasy, and is loved by local people.

Wang Yi, the founder of Xingpi Tea, is an authentic northwest. In 2019, in the original intention of revitalizing the old taste of his hometown, Wang Yixian launched the original and pure "favorite" apricot tea through the fusion of the old formula and the new process. According to reports, the most high -quality northwestern plateau apricot, which is the best -selected quality of the northwest, is cooked in accordance with the old formula. Among them, the unique trace element flavonoids of apricot peel have the effects of antioxidant and oxygen free radicals, so they are also favored by young women.

Why does the vitality forest choose "the favorite"? According to people familiar with the matter, in addition to the category of Xingpi Tea and Wang Yi's personal entrepreneurial feelings, the vitality forest also recognizes its "natural non -addition" product concept. In the "favorite" apricot tea ingredients, there are only a few items such as apricot, red dates, and water, which is in line with the consumption concept of contemporary young people pursuing quality and health.

The Vitality Forest announced last October that thanks to the leading sterile carbonated production line, its entire line of bubble water products will no longer add chemical preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. Similarly, the "favorite" apricot tea has always been sterile -cooled filling technology. Because of the whole process, the shelf life can reach 360 days without preservatives.

According to industry analysts, the addition of apricot tea is not only enriched the types of drinks of vitality forests, but also effectively make up for the lack of vitality forest on catering channels. Earlier, the dining channels in some cities in the domestic cities have achieved good results. For example, in the beef hotpot restaurant of Fukili, the monthly sales data reached 330 boxes; in the pilot cooperation with the 4 cities of the Hejiade chain dumpling shop, nearly 15,000 boxes were sold in more than a month.

Since the beginning of the year, the most like apricot tea has continued to work on the catering channel, and cooperated with the side of the roadside, Jingge, Ma Jiyong, and Chen Xianggui. From the characteristics of the product, the sweet and sour taste of apricot tea can help appetizing and greasy, and it does have the advantage of dining drinks. People in the industry said that, as a traditional northern catering, Wang Laoshi's herbal tea must be formed with the southern meal, which is also expected to form a pattern of "Wang Laoji in the south and apricot tea in the north".

Responsible editor: Tao Jiyan | Review: Li Zhen | Director: Wan Junwei

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