"Drink more soups, don't need a doctor's gang", it's almost the autumn, don't miss this bowl of soup, the nutrition is extremely high

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Introduction: "Drink more soups in Liqiu, do not need a doctor to help." It is up to the autumn immediately. Don't miss this bowl of soup. Cook a pot of 6 yuan, drink old duck soup, nutrition and autumn dryness!

"Human fireworks, the most caressing people's hearts." Chai rice oil and salt are the most ordinary, simple but warm and tired body. Three meals a day and four seasons, the food carrying fireworks is the most comforting! No matter how tired your life is, how busy your work is, don't forget to stop, enjoy the moment when you are cured by food ~ Many times, while enjoying the food, we are also a detailed taste of life ...

"One leaf submarine is reported in the autumn, and the rice flower field is harvested. Although it is not in the midsummer, there are still tigers, and there are more chills." The time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it has come to Liqiu. "The statement, so although Liqiu is still unsatisfactory, prevent the disturbance of" autumn tiger "at any time, you must be light in your diet and eat less cold to maintain the spleen and stomach.

"Drink more soups in Liqiu, don't need a doctor." After the autumn, the hot summer heat was difficult to dispel, and the water in the human body was lost quickly, so it is suitable for drinking more soup water to replenish water in time, so it is recommended to 1 delicious soup, 6 yuan Boil a pot, drink the old duck soup, and go to the autumn dried nutrition! It is the melon flower clam soup.

When it comes to winter melon, everyone is not unfamiliar. It is not a seasonal vegetable in winter. Its name has nothing to do with the season, because the outer skin is named after mature. The water content of winter melon is high, the fat content is low, the calories are not high, and their sex is cold and sweet, has the effect of clearing heat and replenishing heat, eliminating the heat and annoyance, which is very suitable for consumption after the autumn. You can afford to eat money without money. The nutrition of the clams is very rich. The meat is delicious and easy to digest. Use the clams and winter melon to make soup. Drink a pot at 6 yuan, nutrition and nourishing Look at the specific practice:

1. Peel a small winter melon and cut it into slices for later use; a palo -mushroom to go to the root and cut into a small section for later use; a tomato is cut into small diced for later use; Drop a few drops of edible oil to spit the sand fully.

2. Follow the pan. When the oil temperature is 50 % hot, pour the tomatoes and stir -fry, stir fry while stir -fry with a shovel gently, press and stir fry the juice of the tomatoes, then pour the melon slices and enoki mushrooms. Let the winter melon slices and enoki mushrooms suck the tomato juice, then pour the appropriate amount of water, cover the lid and boil the fire.

3. After opening the pan, continue to cook for about 5 minutes. You can see that the melon slices have been cooked until transparent, and then seasoned. Add a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of sugar, and the appropriate amount of pepper. In the pot, continue to cover the pot and cook for 1 minute, cook until the clams are opened, turn off the heat, sprinkle with a pair of coriander, you can turn out the hot pot. Intersection

The light and nutritious and delicious winter melon flower clam soup is ready. The method is simple and economical, 6 yuan to cook a pot, refreshing and appetizing, refreshing and not greasy, the winter melon is delicious and delicious, the flower clams are delicious and tender, and drink it. Can't stop, Sai Lao Duck Soup! It's almost the autumn, drink more soups in Liqiu, don't miss this bowl of soup. I am Xiaofeng. If you like the food shared by Xiaofeng, don't forget to pay attention to the Peak of Food! Thank you for your support, grateful to meet ~

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