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Chongqing noodles, belonging to Sichuan cuisine noodles, are one of the four characteristics of Chongqing. Chongqing Xiaotian originated and Chongqing, one of the staple foods of Chongqing, especially breakfast. Chongqing noodles are the easiest types of Chongqing pasta.

Chongqing noodles refer to spicy plain noodles, spicy flavor. Chongqing pasta also includes Chongqing noodles and noodles with dumplings, such as beef, fat sausage, pea -miscellaneous noodles, and Rongchang Panel. Chongqing Xiaomanfu and changes. In the noodle shop, the store can ask the store to make personal custom -made taste, such as "dry noodles" (mixed noodles), "biochemical" (hard), "plus more vegetables)," "Heavy spicy" (refueling spicy) and so on.

1. Soup.

Singing the drama, the soup of the chef. Although the small noodles are not luxurious meals, the soup is as important as the top. In the fierce competition Chongqing catering, if you want to make a good noodle, you must first make good bone soup. On the morning, the bone soup was boiled slowly, and a little fine pork belly was stewed in the soup until the erosion was eroded. To boil the good soup, you have to choose good ingredients, fresh cylindrical bones, pork belly, old hen, and other cheat -like materials. The tube bone should be rinsed repeatedly with water to minimize the blood red ingredients in the material to ensure the pure taste of the boiled soup. Cold water tank, boil over medium heat, change the fire, and take off the foam carefully. Some of them have to add a little rice wine to the fishy flavor after the fire. It's really a subtle place to see the top.

Kelp bone soup is more common and matched with knife noodles.

2, oily pepper sea pepper.

Different methods of making every family. For the keen nose and tongue of Chongqing people, the taste of taste is large. First of all, the proportion of ingredients, such as Guizhou Dahongpao and sea peppers. In the taste, the two gold bars of Xichuan are spicy, Hainan Chaotian pepper is spicy, and the rice pepper is used less. How to match and how to practice, every family has a secret formula or a unique research. For example, the big red robe is suitable for stone hammers to form a garage, and Chaotianjiao is suitable for the hammer to make fine powder. This is so good -looking. The big red robe looks good. It is covered with the noodles on the noodles. Even the tools are strictly required that they cannot be made by machines. Instead, they must be made in traditional ways. First, use less oil to stir -bake (this point is recommended not to try it easily, otherwise it is not possible to stir -fry. After cooling, add stone concave, and then use a mallet to make it. In addition, all kinds of peppers in this process must be made separately and cannot be mixed, because peppers are different.

Then use the proportion to make the peppers made of the procedures for oil refining. Don't think that there are only peppers, you need to put some other materials, such as some grass fruit, walnut shell, sesame and so on. Most of them are strictly confidential to become unique cheats. Outsiders do not know what spices they put. Oil temperature control is different. Fresh oil spicy sea peppers are far over overnight, and the fragrance is very fast. The production is good, the business is good, I don't tire of it, make the first process every day, the first process was made, and the oil was refined the next morning.

3, buds: mixed, salty fragrance, delicious chewing.

4, crushed peanuts: crispy, after eating noodles, looking for crushing peanuts with the soup is a great pleasure, Qin has a lot of fragrance broken peanuts, but it is crispy, but it adds its fragrance. Hao, four voices, Chongqing dialects, classes and fish), caught the mouth, chewed and swallowed, a crushed peanut, drinking a small soup is really delicious.

5, sesame: mellow, sesame seeds are hot, floating and soup noodles, attached to the noodles, embellished in it, the evil is good -looking.

6. Onion: Onion, the beauty is like jade fingers like onions, and there are books in ritual: Fanfu, spring onion. One day in the morning, just like the spring in the year, eating the noodles in spring, of course, it is essential. It is fresh in the morning and it is early. The green onion flowers, lively and fresh, colorful youth, embellishment with red soup, black sesame and white peanut, wonderful, exuding fragrance reminiscent of the first love feeling of middle school. Ah, this makes people miss Chongqing shallots.

7, peppercorns: peppercorns are also divided into types, and they also need to be used and reconciled, which is to reconcile, just like a person beautiful or not, isn't her facial features seeing perfection alone or not, but the overall reconciliation and coordination.

Jiangjin pepper and Maowen pepper are the best. The former has a strong aroma, and the latter is large and thick, with anestly flavor. Fry, and then manually make powder, but modernized, most of them are made by machines.

8. Pea tip: Chongqing people generally say that peas are bullish, spring, green fresh and tender pea tip is the best partner with small noodles. The pea tip, the most common green leaf, is how many unforgettable memories in Chongqing Youzi. Autumn and winter use lettuce leaves as the best partner. The softness of the small face and the elegance of the green leaves. In the bowl, the color is pleasing to the eyes, and it is good to eat. Don't mention it, it is enough to seduce you.

9, salt: large salt, real mineral crystallization, although it is also salt, the flavor is better than other salt, fry the vitality slightly.

10. MSG: Everyone on the earth knows.

11, soy sauce: humanitarian soy sauce, authentic traditional way of brewing, A and southwest, fresh and rich in taste, colorful.

12, sesame oil: sesame oil, small grinding sesame oil, unique sesame flavor.

13, peanut paste: fragrant, slippery and taste. The peanut pulp was the remaining subsidiary of the peanut oil, but inadvertently used a little and small noodles, which had a good taste. The hot noodles of Wuhan are seasoned with peanut pulp. Shaxian noodles simply only use sesame pulp. 14. Vinegar: According to the occasional observation, there are rarely jealousy in the restaurant. Unless the diners actively request, it is better to watch vinegar in Yubei Jing.

15. Coriander: Generally, beef noodles, fat intestine noodles, etc. Sprinkle on the noodles, fragrant, and some diners do not like to add.

16. Pepper: less used.

17. Garlic water: Special garlic aroma, can only be made of pounding, sprinkle salt first, and the salt flavor is entered. Essence Some people like to use garlic and garlic water, some who like to use garlic.

18. Ginger water: without salt, the rest of the production method is the same as above. Never peel.


The material of the small noodles in Chongqing is actually not so mysterious, but is it a matter of personal technique?

The matching of each material is very important. No matter how good the material is, it is not good, it is still not delicious!

The following materials can be made at home to make the taste of spicy noodles:

1. Pepper pepper (Choose Sub -Better No. 2 peppers first scorch it in the iron pot, then use the machine to scramble it to the thick pepper noodles and then wet it with cold color oil, then heat the vegetable oil to 80 % heat Add a little bit to the pepper noodles and mix it while adding it. Generally, the pepper is flooded).

2. Pepper noodles (generally choose a small red robe, because this peppercorns are fresh and fresh, which is evocative. The market is priced at 30 yuan/catties. Just fine)

3. Yibin sprouts or old salt vegetables ("Don't buy ready -made broken rice buds" buds can be bought everywhere in the Chongqing market, buy it back, then cut the small section. Processing like this, it is only best to fry with oil after washing))

4. Ginger garlic water (that is, mix the ginger and garlic into mud and add a little salt to add cold boiling water)

5. Scallions (the best choice of red -headed green onions, but it is difficult to buy on the market now.

6. Pure sesame sauce (going to a regular market should be able to buy, because many people now add peanut butter to Sesame Sauce in order to increase the sesame sauce)

7. Cooked white sesame seeds (the white sesame seeds bought back, rinse with water to dry, and then dry it with a small fire to the cooked. Powder, cooked>)

8. MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, cooked lard, cooked vegetable oil,

9. Peanut Rice (It is best to fry the peanuts with dry fried method and go to dress, mash the peanut rice )

10. Vinegar (is one of the most indispensable spices. Putting a drop or two drops to taste can be used. Choosing vinegar is also a knowledge. When choosing vinegar, the vinegar bottle is shaken. The slower the disappearance, the better)

11. Bone soup (The original poster is too professional, you can choose a pork tube bone to boil a pot. You can do other purposes when you can't finish eating. A little shallot section burn the soup with a high fire in the pork bone soup, and then boil it with low heat for 3, 4 hours>)

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