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Author:Zhoukou Daily Time:2022.07.25

Zhoukou Daily · Zhou Dao client reporter Qiao Xiaonawen/Picture

Welcome to the 20th National Congress with literature and art, and promote the new journey. In order to help build a "moral city and charm Zhoukou", at 7:40 pm on July 23, it was sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Zhoukou Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. The "Weekend Vietnam Theater" series hosted by the theater) kicked off at the Shenfeng Mei Art Center Theater. Henan Province ’s Vietnam Tune Troupe attached great importance to it. The national first -class actor Shen Xiaomei personally starred in the star, gathered in the Henan Provincial Yuejun Opera Troupe Lao, Zhong and Qingqing artists and outstanding actors, and selected Henan Yuejie's classic outstanding repertoire and boutique singing section and folding drama. In the future, every weekend will dedicate a feast for the majority of fans.

The finale sang "Lao Tzu" "Confucius" for Shen Xiaomei.

The show "Xiao Qiao Sit", a famous drama "Zhuge Liang Hanging filial piety" performed from the Chinese Opera Academy's undergraduate and national second -tier actor Tian Dandan. Later, the Chinese Academy of Opera's college transferred undergraduate students and the national second -level actor Sun Jingpeng. A "Bagua Tianshan Palace" stimulated thrilling and pleasing to the eye. climax. "Hongyan send acacia, and send thousands of miles away." The national first -level actor Wei Fengqin performed the "Hongyan" in "Wang Baozheng" in "Wang Baozheng" in "Wang Baozheng" with delicate interpretation and singing. The national first -level actor Chen Qinglin performed a large -scale modern and modern drama "The Breaking the Heart Shining" and one folded "Good Secretary Zhou Yunheng", and the other folded "Girl Secretary" was performed by the Chinese Academy of Opera's undergraduate and the national second -level actor Sun Qianqian. The first secretary of the village and the village party branch secretary in the decisive battle to win poverty alleviation and comprehensively build a well -off society. Shen Pai's disciple and Shen Xiaomei disciple Zhao Yanlin performed the "three biography" in the folding drama "Turn Jiang Wei" in the Dragon Drama "Ginger". The finale sang "Lao Tzu" "Confucius" for Shen Xiaomei. Shen Xiaomei is the disciple of the master of the performance artist Shen Fengmei. She has won the National "Wenhua Performance Award", the Chinese Drama "Plum Blossom Award", and the Shanghai "White Magnolia" award.

The performance came to an endless applause. The audience praised one after another, and looked forward to the performance of the next week's Vietnamese.

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