Qingwen, in fact, you are not so important

Author:Read the Red Mansion Time:2022.08.24

If it is said that the most important Yahuan is in the Yongyuan, except for the attack, it is Qingwen.

These two people were adjusted from Jia's mother's room, which was an excellent match for the mother of Jia to give the baby grandson. Jia Mu's arrangement is very thoughtful, meticulous and diligent, and most suitable for the housekeeper, and Qingwen was born with a first -class Peugeot. The Manfu Yahuan could not find the second one.

On the surface, it seems that the attack is more important than Qingwen. The management of the Yongyuan and taking care of Baoyu were recognized and affirmed by everyone. But from another aspect, Qingwen is even more important than attacking people.

No matter how good the population is, no mistakes can be picked up, but at best she is a senior steward. But Qingwen is not the same. Qingwen has been confirmed by Jia mother. No accident. She will be aunt in the future, half the master, can she compare with her?

How much does Mother Jia like Qingwen? Originally, Qingwen was the little girl around Lai Yan. Because she saw Jia's mother like it, she gave it to Mother Jia as a gadget. A ya ring can enter the eyes of Jia's mother, and naturally the future is unlimited.

Qingwen is a quasi -aunt who is scheduled by Jia's mother. Looking at Yi Hongyuan, is there a more important woman who is more important than her? Even when people arrived at Yihongyuan, Qingwen still did the needle line in Jia's mother's house from time to time, or returned to Jia's mother to report the situation of Jia Baoyu. Qingwen's appearance, temperament, female red, are all outstanding, so that Mother Jia attaches great importance to it. At this point, the attack is far worse. Even if the attack is very attentive, Jia's mother still appreciates Qingwen's beautiful and refreshing.

Moreover, Qingwen's relationship with Jia Baoyu is also very good. Compared with the gentle and considerate strikes, Jia Baoyu's dependence on her sister and mother, Qingwen and Jia Baoyu's relationship are not like the master and servant, but they are more like brothers and sisters, or friends. Qingwen would not deliberately please Baoyu, but from her temperament. Even Jia Baoyu, she wanted to snore. Of course, most of the time, they still loved each other.

In other words, Qingwen did not pay too much. She mainly focused on her feelings, but Baoyu's love for her is not less than people. In Baoyu's heart, Qingwen is also very important. There are so many yahuans in Yihongyuan, Baoyu only left food for the attack and Qingwen, and the straightforward Qingwen was not humble. Directly, I knew it was left for me. Qingwen is so confident. It can be seen that Baoyu usually treats her very well, and she also feels that she is completely worthy of it.

At the attack, Qingwen's background and the opportunities they got were similar, but their attitude was very different. The attacker has made himself a model for the golden signboard. It is well -known in the distance, and there is no detail. The attacking people must be attentive. How important is it.

As for Qingwen, although she is clever, she is even better than her professional embroidered maiden, but she is not active. She can't help complaining about her. And Qingwen's response is that you have been used for one day. Qingwen's tone, with a sense of arrogance, seemed to be the princess. But in the Yongyuan, no one cares about her. After all, she has good conditions and has a backing and resources.

The attacker is the boss of Yihongyuan, but the attack is not proud of himself, or he is lying on the credit book to eat and eat. She understands the cruelty of reality, and who the earth will turn away, not to mention that the leadership and subordinates are about interests rather than emotions. She said to Jia Baoyu that it wouldn't work without me. I left, and I came to serve you well.

This is very clear. The master of the iron, the staff of the running water, did well, but for three or five years, each did each one. The goal of attacking is the best to work hard, but she defines herself that she is not so important.

And Qingwen happened to be the opposite attitude. Qingwen has always felt good at herself, relying on a visible future, and she is appreciated by the attacker, and she will do whatever she wants and is unscrupulous. What is the attacking person, what else is more than what is Baoyu, Qingwen dares to touch him hard, and when you have a face, it is wayward, not to mention Baoyu will let her three points! Qingwen was in Yihongyuan, really like heaven, and happiness was floating.

Qingwen has always been very self -sustaining. Yihongyuan has the wind and grass. The first person in his early appearance is Qingwen. This seems to show its status better. When the attacker went home, the pendant was stolen by Pinger's shrimp bracelet. Pinger said that big things were small and small things were small. However, when Qingwen heard the illness, he had to call the fall to follow, and poke the falling child with a fierce life, and he was going to walk away at the time. Fu Yue persuaded and waited for people to come back. Ke Qingwen couldn't wait for a moment, and just took people away. The pendant mother was very dissatisfied, and Qingwen was on the bar. Qingwen shouted at anger.

Qingwen had a bad temper and was high -profile. She scolded the little girl at every turn, and she was too lazy to vary with the snake, so she attracted a lot of jealousy. Relying on her identity, Qingwen said what he was going out everywhere. This is not to recognize his position. Why workers are embarrassed to fight workers. When you say that you want to fry others squid, you have never thought about it. What qualifications do you have to say this? The person who is most qualified to say this is a leader like Mother Jia and Mrs. Wang, but they will not say easily. Once they say it, they will be real.

The attack can also be said within a certain range, but the impression of the attack is always a young lady who is good and loves. And Qingwen usually didn't really want to be a sorrow. She said that she was addicted to her mouth, and she was so prestigious, but she didn't know how many enemies had been in the dark. Qingwen is indeed a bit of weight in Jia Baoyu's eyes. However, Yihongyuan is not the Yihongyuan of Jia Mu or Jia Baoyu alone, and Jia Baoyu is not the exclusive exclusive of Jia's mother. In fact, in the eyes of the other yuki, although Qingwen was publicized, it was not important. Withouts, they are more willing to find the attack, and even they stand in line directly. Those women who love to chew their tongue are led by Wang Shanbao's family, and they are even more unable to see Qingwen. In their opinion, Qingwen thinks that it is actually nothing!

Of course, Qingwen didn't care about other Yahuan isolated herself, nor did she care about what her mother -in -law looked at. However, when Mrs. Wang accused her of her muzzle, the tragedy of her life really started.

Prior to this, Mrs. Wang didn't understand and even didn't know Qingwen. But when he heard the words of Wang Shanbao's family, and had a relationship with Qingwen before, Mrs. Wang couldn't sit still. Qingwen's Peugeot, Qingwen scolded Xiaoyahuan, these two let Mrs. Wang define Qingwen, she is the number one fox spirit!

Qingwen suffered a lot of injustice, and she did nothing, let alone seduce the master. In fact, the girls who really have a relationship with Baoyu in Yihongyuan are all safe, but they are Qingwen. They have become a nail in Mrs. Wang's eyes and thorns in the meat. Qingwen might not have thought about it, and he would have this day.

Is Qingwen important? In the past, she was loved by Mother Jia, but after learning about Qingwen, Mother Jia just said lightly, Qingwen's girl, I think she is very good, she can only call Baoyu in the future. changed. Mother Jia did not ask the inside story. She liked Qingwen anymore, and she would not put anger for Qingwen and Mrs. Wang. For a girl ring, it was not cost -effective. Moreover, as Tanchun said, the girls are like kittens, cats, and dogs, but they are just pets.

Qingwen's importance to Baoyu is even more self -evident. As soon as Qingwen was kicked out of the garden, Bao Yu cried all day long, and sentimental Qingwen was about to die. But what did Baoyu do for her? Even watching Qingwen dared to secretly go to it once, let alone saying fair words for Qingwen. He is sad and sad, but what's the use!

After Qingwen's death, Baoyu also cared about her for a night, whether he was herself, when others said that they were mother, he felt incredible! In his opinion, he is the most important person of Qingwen. Qingwen died and was frustrated. He wrote a squeezed essay and studied his rhetoric with Lin Daiyu. Although the ceremony was beautiful, it was pale.

In fact, there are so many yahuan around Jia Baoyu. Qingwen left, and there were attacks. Even if they all left, there were Muyue, or they would pick them in. No matter how good he is, it doesn't mean how important the girl is. It's like Qingwen, who died and died. Only Baoyu cried for a while, but it didn't take long for it to fade. Will the Yingying Yingyan of Yi Hongyuan still be less? Maybe Baoyu still remembers Qingwen, thinking of the good time they are together, but the pain and grievance of Qingwen, do he understand? Has he done for her?

Qingwen, who was at a glance at Mother Jia, and Jia Baoyu, who was also considered Qingwen, was not so important. The fate of a ya ring, but so, especially when she was extraordinary, she often ended the tragic end of "heart than the sky, fate is thinner than paper". Qingwen doesn't understand, no matter who you are, in this world, no one except you will support you!

Author: Awan, this article is the original works of the Red Mansion.

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