The list of "New Era Museum Top 100 Exhibition Exhibition" list is announced on the two exhibitions of Jinbo

Author:Fairview Taiyuan City Time:2022.08.24

A few days ago, the China Museum Association and China Cultural Relics News jointly launched the "New Era Museum's Top 100 Exhibition Exhibition Boutique Exhibition and Promotion Series" to focus on showing and promoting 15 special prizes for the "Top Ten Exhibition Exhibition of the National Museum" since the new era. There are 14 boutique prizes, 14 international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan cooperation awards projects. Among them, the Shanxi Museum Shanxi Bronze Museum's "Ji Jinguanghua" exhibition and "The World of India -Los Angeles County Art Museum Collection Indian Cultural Relics Exhibition" is on the list.

The Shanxi Bronze Museum is a branch of the Shanxi Museum. It is a major measure for the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to "build a new highland of Shanxi Culture". In this selection, the "Ji Jinguanghua" exhibition won the "New Era Museum Top 100 Exhibition Exhibition Boutique" boutique award.

It is reported that the theme exhibition is the basic display of the Shanxi Bronze Museum, showing an area of ​​11,000 square meters and more than 1,450 exhibits. It is currently the largest in China with the largest content and the most complete system. Including the topic, it is also a supplementary topic. Among them, "Huaxia Seal" uses historical as a clue to interpret the relationship between "device" and "country", and tells the special status of bronze culture in the development of Chinese civilization; "The relationship with" Li "explains the spiritual connotation of bronze culture in ritual and music civilization;" Model Model "is based on craftsmanship, showing the wisdom of Huaxia ancestor Fan Fanzhu bronze. Among the two science and education topics, "exploring and looking for victory" highlight education, expand knowledge, activate experience, and entertains. The characteristic display of the six aspects makes the museum closer to the public life, making it easier for the audience to understand the heavy bronze culture. The theme exhibition has also won the "Eighteenth (2020) National Museum Top Ten Exhibition Exhibition" boutique award.

The "India -India -Los Angeles County Art Museum Collection Indian Cultural Relics Exhibition" won the "International, Macao and Taiwan Cooperation Award" for this selection. The exhibition was exhibited at the Shanxi Museum from April 29th to August 3rd, 2014. The exhibition hall is 900 square meters and the exhibition line is 264 meters. During the exhibition, a total of 299,400 audiences were received. The exhibition exhibits a total of 127 (groups) of various exhibits (groups) of various types of exhibits in the Los Angeles County Art Museum of Art Museum in Los Angeles County. And the gods of the gods, etc., fully reflect the ideological culture and artistic charm of religion, mythology in Indian history, and constitute a wonderful exhibition of Indian art history. In the meantime, the Shanxi Museum planned and launched the "Indian Patrol" sharing and experience activities, the "Indian Patrol" puzzle contest, Indian hand -painted -Manhetri's wonderful world, "Hello, the museum" -children's first travel " "India's World", museums holding hands with "Children of the Star" and "Indian Patrol Story" and 52 categories 52 education activities, including the functions of the museum to the extreme, the exhibition is also well received by the public.

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