Precise insight into consumer emotional resonance in Nanjing Vientiane World "swing" urban commercial circle

Author:Nanjing Morning Post Time:2022.08.24

Recently, the hot search of the same city of Nanjing in the same city was topped by the entry of "how many people in Nanjing people like to say". This topic has aroused heated discussion among netizens in the same city, and quickly fermented to the Internet circle. For a while, "swing" became a hot topic in the Nanjing Internet circle. ▲ "How many people in Nanjing like to say" have appeared on the first class of the same city list, this hot discussion on the Internet of dialect "putting" fermentation does not happen by accident, but the shopping center that will open this year -Nanjing Vientiane World and Earth This year It is building a momentum for the opening of the opening. "Putting" in Nanjing dialects is a very wide range of righteous words such as "powerful", "very good", and "cool". The marketing of Nanjing's local culture through the dialect and the marketing of young trendy fashion culture in the collision of young trendy fashion culture has caused enthusiastic discussions and dissemination in Nanjing. The feeling has even triggered the expectations of consumers to open up to the Nanjing Vientiane World. Based on the Nanjing culture, it continues the Qinhuai of the living pulse of Shangshi, and the thousands of years. The crowds of Sanshan Street are surging and the lights are brilliant. From generation to generation, the living pulse of Shangshi continues here. In the ancient capital of Nanjing, Nanjing Vientiane World also continued this cultural heritage. What kind of cultural surprises will they collide when the Nanjing Vientiane World and Yunzhang Office meet. The Yunzhang Gong, built in 1895, is a guild that once facited the industry. It not only witnessed the development of Yunjin, but also experienced the changes in the trend of Nanjing Commercial City. The Yunzhang Gong, which was rebuilt in place, was a serious manifestation of history in Nanjing Vientiane. Tighten the clues of the times, boldly use the method of "openness and integration" to organically combine business and urban contexts, discover the deeper Jinling cultural connotation, tear off people's stereotypes of urban business, inject fresh vitality and blood, and create rich and richness Cultural charm new Nanjing trendy fashion life landmark. Historically, it was once a bustling center. Now, the Nanjing Vientiane World will also embrace the future traffic and grow, becoming the next business center of Nanjing. ▲ In the construction of the construction of Nanjing Vientiane, the map from "swinging" to "putting states", giving the local cultural trend connotation a city's spiritual and cultural trend, inseparable from her cultural heritage, and Nanjing culture is the basis. Whether it is the method of "openness and integration", or "swinging by me" Internet social marketing methods, the marketing innovation and impressions of Nanjing Vientiane World and Earth are inseparable from the cultural influence of the ancient capital and the excellent traditional culture of the ancient capital of Nanjing. New annotation. The attitude of "putting states" is not only the extension of Nanjing culture, but also provides all the business scenarios that love Nanjing and love Nanjing culture, provide a new attitude of life, and give the latest fashion definition of "swing". The topic of the topic of "Nanjing people likes to say more" to the topic of "Nanjing Vientiane World Display by Me", and it is also occupying the discussion of netizens. Among them, when Nanjing Vientiane Tiandi opened became a hot topic, netizens discussed the clever marketing of this wave of marketing, and lamented that the word "swing" was even more enthusiastic. The more "put" the more "swing" more than the Nanjing Vientiane World, and the "swing" consumers are looking forward to it. Many netizens have spontaneously promoted the opening of Nanjing Vientiane World on their personal social platforms, strongly expressing their expectations for the opening of Nanjing Vientiane World, and inviting three or five friends on the Internet to check in Nanjing trendy fashion life landmark together. When many cities first enter the brand to reconstruct the trend of life consumption methods. When netizens discussed the hotness of major social platforms, Nanjing Vientiane World responded rapidly, and through this shareholder's style, there were many heavyweight brands in response to consumers' imagination and consumer imagination and consumer imagination and consumer imagination and At the same time, it shows its strong investment capabilities. It is reported that this time the Nanjing Vientiane World brings together international trend brands, not only has many high -alias brands such as Chanel, Lancome, HR, YSL, La Prairie, etc., but also introduce many first -concept stores, such as the a little bird of East China flagship store, the first L1. 5 flagship store The North Face, Jiangsu's first flagship store I.T Blue Block, Jiangsu's first start in Studious, Jiangsu's first CARhartt WIP, Jiangsu's first Snow51, Nanjing's first CARVEN, Air Jordan, theory, Sandro, Maje, Jiangsu's first one The "Li", such as the city of the city, the "Li", etc., will bring consumers a more extreme shopping experience and reconstruct the trend of living consumption methods. After the official announcement, the powerful brand lineup made netizens sigh: "Nanjing Vientiane Tiantian is good, this is probably a business ceiling of Nanjing." At the same time, this time Nanjing Vientiane Tiandi will also introduce East China to the first black pearl to be shortlisted in Min and South, East China, Michelin, Michelin recommended every day Plus, Jiangsu's first Michelin Yixing, Jiangsu first entered Fascino, Jiangsu's first U.S. Prime 1988 steak steak The library, Jiangsu first entered the ancient Guru, Jiangsu's first entry 18 tavern, Manner Coffee, etc. Whether Nanjing's local consumer lifestyle can change new changes due to the powerful brand lineup of Nanjing Vientiane World and the earth. The public wait and see.

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