The results of Xinjiang Forest Fruit Advertising Propaganda Specification results announced that 18 Time:2022.06.13

Tianshan News (Reporter Cao Hua Report) Recently, combined with the results of the online voting, after careful selection by the expert review committee, the results of the promotion of the advertising of Xinjiang characteristic forest fruit products were announced. , 10 shortlisted awards.

The best work award (3 pieces) is: Xinjiang big fruit plate, the fairy orchard in the world; "fragrant" is about Xinjiang, "fruit" is really delicious; the distance between you and sweetness is only one Xinjiang fruit plate.

网络人气奖(5件)分别是:走遍大美中国,难忘新疆瓜果;新疆特色瓜果,口口阳光味道;新疆瓜果——“瓜”目相看,“果”然非凡;新鲜There is a degree, Xinjiang Guoshuang; the world is so big, "apricot" is easy to meet you.

The finalists (10 pieces) are: drunk is a year of melon fruit fragrance, and the taste of the world is in Xinjiang; after eating thousands of fruits and Fruit, it is still Xinjiang fruits; the fruit is full of Xinjiang, the fragrance of China; ; Yurun Tianshan Forest Fruit is fresh and exposed to Kunlun jade melon sweet; the Silk Road has thousands of years, Xinjiang forest fruit win the future; Tianshan snow is pure, oasis are fragrant in Xinjiang, mouthful of melon fruit fragrance; Xinjiang beauty; Pictures, Guiguo is fresh in the world; walking in Xinjiang, stay for forest fruit.

Seven of them from 18 works from the award came from Xinjiang, and the other 11 works came from provinces and cities such as Anhui, Guangdong, Hubei, Hebei, Beijing, Hunan, Shandong, Shanxi and other provinces, which fully reflected the active participation of netizens across the country. According to the event plan, the promotion of the advertising promotion of Xinjiang characteristic forest fruit products will be awarded in June.

The collection of Xinjiang characteristic forest fruit products advertising propaganda was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, the Autonomous Region Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department, the Autonomous Region Rural Revitalization Bureau, the Forestry and Grassland Bureau of the Autonomous Region, and the Xinjiang Daily (Xinjiang News Media (Group> Co., Ltd.). The solicitation was launched in early April, and the Internet collected more than 8,000 works from 2045 authors. After being selected by the expert review committee, 18 works were finalized. In the online voting session, netizens across the country have been enthusiastic and voted for their favorite works. Among them, there are 4 works with more than 10,000 votes, and the highest votes are 21947 votes.

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