Digital butterfly changes in heroes in the past ten years 丨 Heroes' reconnaissance company

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Digital butterfly changes in the hero reconnaissance company

■ PLA reporter Han Cheng

Special reporter Tian Lei Correspondent Xiao Shijin

The "Yang Zirong Heroes of the Heroes" of the 82nd Army's 82nd Army is a glorious tradition and a new force in the journey of the strong army.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the company's officers and soldiers have studied intelligent equipment, improved new combat power, and continuously achieved the rise of combat capabilities.

On January 3, 2018, President Xi inspected a part of the Central Theater, and affectionately encouraged the "Yang Zirong Heroes of the Heroes" officers and soldiers to practice reconnaissance skills and strive to become Yang Zirong -style reconnaissance heroes.

Keep in mind the command of the commander, the company and soldiers have paid an eye on the changes of science and technology, the changes in war, and the changes of their opponents. The new glory, three times the collective second merit.

From "traditional reconnaissance" to "multi -dimensional perception"

This is a reconnaissance operation supported by digital equipment.

In the hinterland of Henan, the night is like ink. "Yang Zirong Heroes Reconnament" second -level Shangshi Kang Liangqing is skilled in new night vision equipment, starts the reconnaissance mode, and has invested in a number of micro -robots for continuous tracking, making the opponent unwilling. The company quickly locked the target and destroyed.

"The rapid update of weapons and equipment allows us to have a multi -dimensional three -dimensional reconnaissance method around the weather, and even the battlefield 'one -way transparent'." Going down the military field, Kang Liangqing has no emotion. In ten years, a large number of digital equipment installations are allowed The combat effectiveness of the company has leapt sharply.

The results of digital transformation are not easy, and Kang Liangqing's unforgettable embarrassment at the first time of installation. On that day, a new type of reconnaissance vehicle was installed as a tip of the company's training. Kang Liangqing took the lead in drilling into the car. The dense electronic line map, the radar display filled with strange labels, etc., made his head blank in an instant.

Starting from the manufacturer and learning, Kang Liangqing and his comrades started from zero. Learning data loading, networking link chain, intelligence transmission, and touching the new equipment of the new equipment in the "falling followers" and "eating defeat" again and again.

In August 2014, in the "Peace Mission" and combined counter -terrorism exercise, Kang Liangqing and comrades used the digital battlefield sensing reconnaissance system and portable satellite positioning instrument to accurately determine the number and hostage of the "violent terrorism" and the hostages of the hostage. Location, closely cooperated with the special combat team to successfully rescue the "hostage". The participating foreign fellows also sighed: "Digital scouts really shot!"

"Thanks to the improvement of the national and military science and technology levels, a large number of digital equipment has laid a solid foundation for the digital transformation of the company!" Looking back at the ten -year strong military journey, the Lianlian Captain Chen Kecheng is like a few treasures, from light reconnaissance vehicles, portable portable types, and no portable type. Human -machine, to single soldiers, single soldiers, infrared thermal portraits, and then new types of off -road assault vehicles, new intelligence processing vehicles ... It is the continuous update of these new equipment, allowing the vision of the scouts to surpass the "plane" and move towards " Multi -dimensional.

Chen Kecheng never forgotten the day when Chairman Xi came to the army. At that time, he was still long, and he organized digital sensor system training not far from President Xi. The affectionate encouragement of the commander, deeply imprinted in Chen Kecheng's mind, has also become a huge driving force for his officers and soldiers to strongly complete the digital transformation.

Over the past few years, the digital construction of the company has accelerated. New equipment such as micro -drone, micro -robotics, etc., opened a new perspective of unmanned and intelligent war, and also made the company officers and soldiers feel the ability to panic again. Chen Kecheng led officers and soldiers to the Honorary Room of the Companies many times to revisit the important instructions of Chairman Xi during inspection. Everyone was determined to be a pioneer and leading array on the new transformation.

In the journey of the strong army, the officers and soldiers of the "Yang Zirong Heroes of the Heroes" paid an eye on the mission of winning the battle. The "Outstanding Unit" was successfully awarded the full factor reconnaissance intelligence drill of the group army in the year. Instructor Zhao Tong told reporters that exquisite and intelligent equipment, understanding network technology, and processing information, and now it has become the "standard" of every officer and soldiers in the company.

From "experience" to "data win"

On the fourth floor of the "Yang Zirong Heroes of the Heroes", there is a newly built digital research room last year. Informatization equipment such as electronic sand tables, 3D trend charts, and war innovation libraries are all available. Here is the "incubation base" of the innovation of the company's combat method, and it is also the "digital position" for officers and soldiers to explore new combat effectiveness.

Talking about the birth of the digital research room, Yuan Zheng felt a lot of flight controller.

"Discover targets, accurate positioning, and data return." In a real soldier confrontation, after Yuan Zheng received the reconnaissance mission, he skillfully controlled the drone to fly to the task area. The entire reconnaissance process was crisp and sharp, and the target was quickly and accurate. However, the task was completed, but he did not get a high score.

"Having digital equipment, but not digital combat power." The director team made such a review to his reconnaissance operation. It turned out that although Yuan Zheng's flight technology was remarkable, the judgment of the reconnaissance situation still mainly relied on experience and feeling. In the recovery deduction conducted by the director group, the reconnaissance operations can be more hidden and efficient through accurate use of the battlefield data such as meteorological and airspace.

"Informatization war is a contest of many data fusion capabilities" "Digital Companies must be proficient in digital warfare" ... This experience caused a warning of the whole company. : Aiming at the war -to -information war, turning the data into a "winning bullet". Under the leadership of the party branch, the company has established a digital research room, reviewed and summarized the training experience, and explored the innovation of "seven calculations, calculation of time, content, calculation quality, calculation of ammunition, calculation measures, calculation venue" "seven calculations" "" "Precise training measures, and establishing multiple databases such as officers and soldiers training, equipment performance, and strong enemy characteristics. The ability of officers and soldiers to use data and war to fight has steadily improved. More than 10 tactics innovation results have been promoted and used in the group army forces.

During a mountain -controlled combat exercise last year, the company's officers and soldiers used new reconnaissance vehicles and drones to integrate and analyze massive data intelligence. Multi -dimensional reconnaissance covered the battlefield, accurately guided firepower strikes, and finally completed the task.

"With the acceleration of digital training, our reconnaissance 'data sources" are increasing. "Chen Kecheng said. Over the years, the company has continued to keep in cooperation with the brigade, opened up a number of information links such as the scouts guiding artillery, aviation, ground assault, and drone, and using the data of various soldiers to "borrow ladder upstairs" to achieve the clearer and clearer, more clear, and more clear, more clear, and more clear, and more clear and clearer, and more clearly clear and clearer and clearer, and more clearly clear and clearer and clearer, more clear, and clearer, and more clearly cleared and cleared, and more clearly cleared and cleared. The goal that looks farther has become the "knife tip" to win the war of informationization.

From "single fight" to "system operation"

"What should Yang Zirong -style reconnaissance heroes look like in the new era?" In the process of pursuing the answer of the company officers and soldiers, Chen Donghu's perception was particularly profound.

In 2013, the brigade organized real soldiers in Mobei Grassland to fight against the exercise, coincided with a new type of reconnaissance vehicle. As a company's all -around reconnaissance expert, Chen Donghu felt like a tiger at the time. He led the reconnaissance team to driving a new equipment at night and latent reconnaissance after going deep into the "enemy".

Although the equipment was better than the opponent, the result made Chen Donghu and his comrades -in -arms very surprised: before the sky, they were "covered with dumplings." Where is the defeat? Chen Donghu found the reason until the war after the war. Although the opponent's equipment does not have an advantage, the combat law is ingenious. By borrowing the neighbor's troops, they are firmly locked as soon as they enter.

"We are the vanguard of the digital transformation of the entire army, and we have better performance system equipment. Why do I just want to rely on a equipment to" bag the world '? "That night, Chen Donghu led the reconnaissance team to be painful. They understood: This battle is not, not this battle, not Instead of equipment, but losing the concept of combat.

"To practice troops from the system, we must first be proficient in the system equipment in your hands." Wherever you fall, wherever you fall. Chen Donghu led the reconnaissance team to take the initiative to explore the new model of the drone air reconnaissance. From the basic take -off and landing, flight, and shooting, he quickly mastered the skills of crossing obstacles, target recognition, and information return in the background of the task. In 2020, with the acceleration of the Army's transformation, a number of intelligent equipment was successively installed. Chen Donghu once again seized the opportunity, read and identify on essentials, and studied various tactical uses, and continuously consolidated the basic skills of system operations.

"Being a new era Yang Zirong -style reconnaissance hero must go through the system battle this 'Weihu Mountain'." The combat effectiveness of military training has made Chen Donghu's thinking more and more open, and the action is becoming more and more conscious.

In recent years, Chen Donghu and the outstanding coaches of the whole brigades have across each other to learn from the special physical fitness and tactical training experts of the entire army. The new topic has become a new type of top talent for the joint operation of the brigade.

Last year, the brigade worked with a certain land navigation brigade to carry out actual soldiers to fight against exercises. Chen Donghu and his comrades -in -arms drove a new type of reconnaissance vehicle and helicopter system.

"In the future battlefield, scouts are not 'lonely heroes', but 'system warriors'." Chen Donghu's experience of pursuing the answer is the epitome of the transformation of the company and soldiers. Everyone often says: "To be a new era Yang Zirong -style reconnaissance hero, you need to think about‘ I ’and think more about‘ we ’.”

The change of concept drives the change of talents. In recent years, the company has broken the separation and optimization structure of the barrier between professional rooms in accordance with the requirements of the system, and cultivates digital scouts that are proficient in new skills such as network information interconnection and remote positioning guidance. vanguard.

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