Central North University held the 2022 young teacher teaching competition

Author:Future Online Universities Time:2022.06.30

In order to improve the teaching ability and business level of young teachers and further promote the improvement of the quality of education and teaching in schools. At the same time, the selection of outstanding players participated in the youth teacher teaching competition of undergraduate colleges in the province, on June 24, Central North University held 2022 young teachers in 2022. Teaching competition.

Under the guidance of the school's leadership, the competition was established, and the organizing committee, jury and supervisory arbitration group were established, and the school trade union was responsible for the organization and implementation. The school trade union has formulated a detailed competition plan, set up a reward project and level, and has made careful arrangements for the organization, mobilization, supervision, and lottery of the competition. The work department, academic affairs office, and disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies have given full support.

The competition is divided into special groups, science groups, engineering groups, and ideological and political courses. The selection of various teaching units is recommended. A total of 27 teachers participated in school -level competitions. The competition is divided into three links: teaching design, classroom teaching and teaching reflection. The participating teachers provide relevant materials in accordance with the requirements.

During the competition, the participating teachers each showed their ability, showing a solid theoretical foundation and teaching skills, which left a deep impression on the judges. Many participating teachers took the initiative to learn from the judges. After the competition, expert and player feedback meetings were held. According to the characteristics of each teacher, the judges and experts reviewed them one by one. In the guidance and exchanges of the judges, the participating teachers saw the gap, clarified the weak links, also inspired a lot, broaden their horizons, and determined the direction of efforts.

In Teacher's Day, the first place in each group of the competition represents the school to participate in the provincial -level competition organized in late July. It is currently under preparation of the competition. The relevant departments will do their best to ensure that they will help the players to win the school. (Correspondent: Wang Tong of Central North University)

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