2022 The first stop of the China Portbone Club League Funyuan · Black Blind Island Station concluded

Author:Heilongjiang Daily Time:2022.07.26

In 2022, the first stop of the China Portbone Club League Fun Yuan · Hei Zi Island Station was recently held at Huaxia Dongji Funyuan. Players from Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Ningxia, Guizhou and other provinces and autonomous regions participated in the competition.

Attracted many paddle board enthusiasts to participate

Headboard is a leisure sports that has developed rapidly in my country in recent years. Because of its easy learning, diverse gameplay and low requirements for venues, and extensive participants, it will soon become a popular sport. This is currently the largest and most participating club in China. The competition runs through the year. This year's first stop is located in Fuyuan City, Heilongjiang Province.

Players in the game

Fuyuan City is the county -level administrative district in the eastern end of China's land. It is the first place to welcome the sun into the motherland. It is known as the "Huaxia East Polar". The water in summer is abundant and the climate is cool, which is a great place for summer. In recent years, the ecological pleasant Fuyuan has vigorously developed cultural tourism. The "Dongji Shipqi" National Ice Sailing Open, hiking conference, camping conference and other series of activities have also made "sports+tourism" gradually become Fuyuan's development. model. The competition on the China Russia -Heilongjiang River also attracted many paddle board enthusiasts to sign up for the competition.

Players in the game

This competition is divided into obstacle skills and 3000 meters long. The first is the long -distance match. The speed of Heilongjiang is turbulent. Many players have played in such a big river for the first time. Liu Yang from Beijing said: "For the first time in the river, it feels very difficult, especially the first detour, to be turned upside down, there are more people, the challenge is very large. It is more energy -consuming when traveling, but very happy, after all, such opportunities are very rare. "

Award -winning player

In the end, Zhang Meng and Ni Shuxian won the championship of the male and female obstacles respectively. Ni Shuxian also won the women's long -distance championship and became the biggest winner in the event. The men's long -distance championship was won by Jiang Lei.

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