Hebei official announcement!Slowly pay!Reduce!

Author:Hebei Radio and Television Sta Time:2022.06.15

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Housing and Urban -Rural Development Department issued a notice to clarify the four policies and promote the steady growth of services in the field of housing urban and rural construction.

Implement "Careful Penalty" law enforcement

In the process of urban management law enforcement, it is not administrative punishment for the illegal behavior and promptly correction, and no harmful consequences;

If the first illegal and illegal acts are mild and imposed in time, administrative penalties are not imposed;

If there is evidence that the parties have evidence that there is no subjective fault, the administrative penalty is not paid.

In the second and third quarters of this year, the acts of market entities such as merchants and mobile vendors occupied the roads and set up points, and the main methods of reminding, reminding, and assistance were mainly used. Except for malicious illegal conditions, they must not be treated with fines.

Construction site "stop work"

For the implementation of "cautious work" law enforcement in the construction site, except for the project where there are major quality, safety, and environmental risks, it will not be ordered to stop the construction, stop business and rectify, and to ensure the normal construction and safety production of the project. Under the premise, guide the responsible subject to carry out the problem rectification.

Strengthen real estate development projects, municipal facilities projects, and urban renewal project management services, and strive to include the "whitelist" for the "six hundred percent" and "two full coverage" projects, increase effective construction time, and use it for project construction Create a favorable environment and guide enterprises to increase development investment.

Housing provident fund slow payment

Enterprises affected by the new crown pneumonia's epidemic can apply for a slowdown in housing provident fund in accordance with regulations, and make up after expiration; during this period, the employee's normal withdrawal and application for housing provident fund loans will be At the end of 2022.

If the depositor affected by the new crown pneumonia cannot be repaid normally, the housing provident fund loan cannot be repaid normally, and it will not be treated with overdue, and it will not be submitted to the credit reporting department as an overdue record.

According to the actual situation of the local area, it can increase the amount of housing rented housing withdrawal in accordance with the actual situation, and better meet the actual needs. The implementation time limit is tentative to the end of 2022.

The depositors of the newly purchased first house and improved housing can withdraw the balance of the storage of their and their spouse housing provident fund accounts. The total amount of the couple's withdrawal does not exceed the actual purchase expenditure.

Phase exemption

For the service industry, small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households of the state -owned housing of the rental housing community in the rental housing community, it is generally reduced for three months in 2022.

For 2022, the above -mentioned houses are rented in the county -level administrative region where the high -risk areas where the epidemic is at the epidemic area, and then the rents are supplemented for 3 months. Continue to increase work efforts to ensure that the rent -reduction policy is effectively transmitted to the actual lessee.

Source: Hebei Housing Construction

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