Huizhou Public Security Organization launched a second summer night security inspection and defense concentration and unified operation

Author:Huizhou Public Security Time:2022.08.16

In order to promote the "100 -day action" in the summer public security strike, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department, from August 12th to 14th, the Huizhou Public Security Bureau organized a second summer night public security inspection and defense centralized unified operation. , Simultaneously carry out the special rectification of small cases, concentrated night investigation unified operations and "Dongjiang No. 3" centralized precise investigation operations.

During the operation, Huizhou Public Security dispatched 14,017 police forces and mobilized 3001 people to control group prevention. Through centralized unified collection of networks and precise investigations, 649 suspects of various types of illegal crimes were captured, 30 of theft and electrochemical criminal gangs were captured, and 212 were sentenced to punishment. The unified action squeezed the space for illegal and criminal activities, and effectively maintained the stability of the city's public security situation.

Check and rectify, cut off the channels for sale

Huizhou Public Security has conducted in -depth "assault", "carpet" and "pull -net" inspection operations, strictly grasp patrol prevention and control, strictly fight various types of illegal crimes, further improve the effectiveness of strict rectification, and use real alarm, managing affairs, managing affairs Leversion, in exchange for the sense of security and gain of the people.

During the inspection operation, 812 key parts were inspected, and focused on centralized inspections to key parts of local electronics markets, pawn banks, and second -hand items markets to cut off the channels for theft and crime to collect stolen and sell stolen. Division, targeted assault inspection of key places such as travel, Internet cafes, hotels and hotels, etc. to effectively prevent and compress all kinds of illegal crimes; investigate and rectify 323 safety hazards; investigate 38 suspected sales of stolen nests, and capture involved on the spot. 15 suspects sold, seized 1 small truck, 50 motorcycles (electric) cars, 6 mobile phones, and seized a batch of items involved in the wires, and always maintained a high -voltage trend of strictly staggered criminal activities.

Concentrate to collect the network and detect the case of robbing robbing

During the special rectification operation of the small case, Huizhou Public Security fully combed the stolen and robbed cases, focusing on the high -quality cases of the public's strong reflection of the masses, and a total of 30 criminal gangs, of which the theft gang was 15 One, 324 cases of theft and grabbing and contact fraud, 162 criminal detained, seized 1 small truck, 50 motorcycles, and a batch of stolen goods such as wires and mobile phones. From 175 cases, 50 were detained, and a batch of bank cards, mobile phone cards, and Goip devices involved in the case.

Little cases are connected to the big people's livelihood, and there is no trivial matter for the interests of the masses. The Municipal Public Security Bureau firmly establishes the concept of "breaking small cases, protecting the people's livelihood, and protecting peace", based on the actual situation of social security in the jurisdiction. The full chain mechanism, severely crack down on various types of illegal crimes, and quickly investigate the "small case" of fast -moving people's livelihood. On the evening of August 12, five electricity fraud denominations such as "impersonating stock mentors to implement fraud", "using false players to seduce others", "illegally acquiring citizen information sales and lending", etc., effectively purified the living environment of the masses.

Differential police, deterring criminals

"Please stop and check the inspection." "Hello, please show your ID card, driving license, driving license." "Open the trunk and cooperate with our inspection." The road section is set up with a card to investigate the vehicle.

Huizhou Public Security continues to strengthen the police, and implements the "three views" system for seeing police, police cars, and police lanterns to maximize the police force on the streets. Strengthening the alarm and deterrent of the street, so that the masses in the jurisdiction can enjoy the "summer night's fireworks" and enjoy the laughter and laughter of family members and friends.

In this operation, 44,300 people were investigated, 220 times were set up in security card points, 10,906 vehicles were checked, and 200 vehicles were seized.

Multiple measures, strengthen social publicity

During the operation, in order to strengthen social propaganda, Huizhou Public Security Organs relying on the mainstream media and new media such as the provincial and cities, the three -dimensional publicity and reports to combat work results, improve the masses' awareness of anti -theft, anti -robbing, and form a strong attack atmosphere. At the same time, in the way of the masses "visible, easy to understand, and remembered", it has set up declaration of defense points throughout the city to strengthen security precautions. In the first night of the operation, 100 announcements were set up, 331 publicity videos were played, and 8156 propaganda materials were distributed.

Next, Huizhou Public Security will further promote the "100 -day action" in the summer public security strikes, stroke the front and punch strikes, severely crack down on various types of outstanding crimes, and effectively maintain the peace of the society.

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