China host formulation!Two international standards release

Author:China Daily Time:2022.07.19

A few days ago, the International Railway Alliance issued and implemented the "High -speed Railway Design Infrastructure" standard and "High -speed Railway Design Power Supply" standard formulated by my country. Both standards are the first international railway standards in related fields.

The International Railway Alliance is the most influential professional international standard for the railway industry. The two standards released this time were hosted by experts organized by China National Railway Group. More than 20 experts from more than ten countries including France, Germany, Japan, Spain, and Italy participated, and it lasted for 4 years.

Based on the successful experience of the world's high -speed railway design and the advanced technologies of the system integration of the world, the two "standards" introduced the overall design concept of China's high -speed railway to absorb the loading of the Chinese high -speed railway trains, line spacing, roadbladder filler classification, and tunnel surrounding rock classification For basic key indicators, promote the Chinese CRTSIII -type plate -free rails and EMU motto, contact network system and other advantageous technologies. Finally, the overall design, lines, roads, bridges, tunnels, rails, stations, stations, stations, stations, stations, stations, stations, stations, stations, stations, stations EMU uses design concepts, key parameters and technical requirements in the fields of maintenance facilities, maintenance facilities, comprehensive protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, traction supply, contact networks, power supply and distribution and remote systems. It contributed China's wisdom and Chinese plan to the construction operation of the world high -speed railway.

China High -speed Railway 11 system -level standards

Fill in international gaps

As of the end of 2021, my country's high -speed rail operating mileage exceeded 40,000 kilometers, accounting for more than 2/3 of the global high -speed rail mileage. In recent years, the National Railway Group has focused on promoting international standardization. China's high -speed rail is moving from building a national business card to leading international standards.

In November last year, the International Railway Alliance has released the "High -speed Railway Design Communication Signal" standard for the formation of my country. The "infrastructure" and "power supply" standards released this time are the second and third international standards of the "High -speed Railway Design" series. In recent years, experts from the National Railway Group have presided over the revision of more than 60 important technical standards such as the International Railway Alliance high -speed railway, train network, and braking system. 11 high -speed railway system -level standards such as a series have filled the international standard gap in key areas such as high -speed railway implementation and design.

Source: CCTV News

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