It's so fragrant, this is the correct method of steamed fish. The meat is fresh and tender, and there is no fishy smell.

Author:One Brother Food Notes Time:2022.07.24

Three meals are delicious, happy in four seasons, hello everyone! When many people are steaming fish, they like to put cooking wine and salt directly. This is not wrong, but the fish is not tender. Today, I want to teach you a correct approach. Follow me steamed fish, the fish is tender and tender, eat a delicious sip of fragrant, and interested friends quickly try it!

【Steamed yellow croaker】

[Basic materials] yellow croaker, shallots, ginger, garlic, red noodles, pork lean meat, beer, edible oil, raw soy sauce, steamed fish soy sauce

【The basic steps】

1. First, prepare a fresh yellow croaker, first cut the yellow croaker's belly, wash the internal organs, and cut off all the fins with scissors. Then, cut the fish head with a kitchen knife, cut the fish with a kitchen knife, and then cut the fish body into a small piece of 1 cm wide. After cutting, put the fish into a large bowl, add ginger slices, garlic slices, and green onions, pour in a little beer, grab it evenly, and marinate for a while.

2. Prepare a piece of green onion white, wash the water after washing, and put it on the chopping board. Cut it from the middle with a kitchen knife, but do not cut off. Then, take out the green onion part in the middle, roll the green onion from the connection, roll it into a barrel shape, and cut the cross section with a kitchen knife, so that we cut out the green onion. Put the cut onion shreds in a small bowl for use.

3. Prepare a red thread pepper, clean it with water first, and then control the water. Then, put the red thread on the chopping board, cut off its pepper butt, then cut it from the middle, and then cut the two -half peppers into chili shreds in turn. After cutting, put the chili shreds in the green onion and be available together.

4. Prepare a piece of ginger, clean the soil on the surface with water, and then control the water. Then put the ginger on the chopping board and cut it into thin slices. Take out part of the ginger slices and cut it into silk. Put the cut ginger in the green onion, and then pour it in an appropriate amount of water to flood them.

5. Prepare a green onion, clean it, dry the water. Then, put the green onion on the chopping board, cut the white part of it, cut it into a summary, and put it in the bowl. Then take the onion leaves, roll it up first, and then cut it into the green onion from the side. Put the cut onion shreds in another bowl for later use.

6. Prepare a piece of pork lean meat, rinse it with water first, and then dry it with a kitchen tissue. Then, put it on the chopping board, cut it into slices, then cut it into shreds, and finally cut into small meat. Put all the meat into a pile, and then cut it with a kitchen knife until you chop it into meat mud, you can put it in a bowl for later use.

7. Take out a large plate, put the marinated fish meat in, put it into a fish, put the chopped meat on the part of the fish, and then put the small ginger and onion segment on the fish on the fish. Sprinkle a little. Take out the steamer at home, pour in the appropriate amount of water, put it in the cage drawer, put the fish in, cover the lid, and steam it under low heat for 15 minutes.

8. In addition, prepare a clean pot, first pour the appropriate amount of edible oil inside, and heat it to heat. When the oil is hot, pour the onion ginger garlic into the pot and stir -fry the aroma. When they fry them until they are slightly yellow, use a shovel to shove all the seasonings and leave the oil. Then, pour the appropriate amount of raw soy sauce in the hot oil, flip it with a shovel, fry the caramel, and then turn off the heat aside.

9. At this time, the fish has been steamed. After turning off the heat, take the fish out of the steamer and place it on the chopping board. First clamp the ginger and green onion in the plate with chopsticks, then put the prepared onion shreds, chili shreds, and ginger shreds on the fish. , A delicious steamed fish soy sauce is ready!

【Love Tips】

1. Do not throw away the cut fish head, because it is needed when setting.

2. When steaming the fish, steam the cold water for 15 minutes.

Today's steamed yellow croaker will be shared here. Every day I will share a common food for everyone. Thank you for watching it. Friends who like it will help and pay attention! See you tomorrow, thank you!

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