Fruit planting into the community, eye -catching and eating!Come and bask in your community

Author:Changjiang Daily Time:2022.07.28

Xia has arrived, fruit hanging branches

A fruit tree, a piece of vegetable field

Add a "new green" to the community

Fruit is mature, eye -catching and eating

Become a new choice for the greening of the community


Many netizens are on the "small neighbor" section on the Great Wuhan client

The fruits planted in their own community

Let's take a look

The "small neighbors" of the Great Wuhan client

Fruit planted in the community!

Red fruit, red love. @Ningyun Binglan Photo

The pomelo fruit in the community is full of branches. @

The pomegranate trees in the community blossomed. @

The pear trees are hung. @

There is a persimmon tree behind the building. The tree is not old, and it is as cute as a child. But this year suddenly has a lot of fruit, which is really unexpected. @138 *** 091 Photo

The peach trees in front of the community hang fruit. @180 *** 938 Photo

Sitting in the sun and sunny garden, the fruit was on the side. @小 Photo

The community is cooked, and the fruit is tired, but no one is picking at will. @黄 黄 黄

Fruit in the community. @@摄

Is the plum fruit picked in the community, or did you smell the incense? @Ningyun Binglan Photo

One fruit tree

Putting on the environment of the community


Set the love of residents' love for the community

What kind of fruits have you planted in your community?

Come to Da Wuhan "Little Neighborhood" section

Let me share with you the fruits planted in your community!

Participation method 1:

Download Da Wuhan Client

Enter the "Xiaotongtong" section

The works you shoot

Bring #小 带 #topic release

Participation method 2:

Enter the "Da Wuhan City Message Board" applet

Click "Posted the Post"

Publish the work to#区 将#topic


For more exciting content, please download the "Da Wuhan" client in the major application markets.

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