Wind autumn tomorrow, no matter how busy, don’t forget to eat this dish, make up for nutrition, and lay the foundation for the autumn

Author:Xiao Wei Yangsheng Kitchen Time:2022.08.06

When August is here, we will also usher in the first solar terms in autumn -Lili Autumn, which marks the coming of autumn. Although it is about to go into autumn, the weather is still super hot, it is like living in a "stove". I don't want to work outdoors at all, I just want to stay in the air -conditioned room. Recently, the weather is particularly bad, making our forehead and whole body sweat, the body is very weak, the body is particularly uncomfortable, and the appetite is not as good as one day. Recently, it is difficult to continue, but life still has to continue. Every night, I have to prepare four dishes, with cold dishes, small fried and fresh soup. Today I share my hand -made dishes -lemon hand to tear chicken. This dish is very delicate and tender. Provide rich nutrition for the body and benefit early. Regarding the autumn tomorrow, no matter how busy, don't forget to eat this dish, make up for nutrition, and lay the foundation for autumn.

[The correct cooking step of lemon hand tore chicken]

Ingredients details: Buy 400 grams of chicken leg meat (about 4 chicken legs, you can also replace chicken breasts. The fat content of chicken is the lowest, the protein content is high, and the meat quality is particularly tender. Green onion, a large piece of ginger, a little cold water, two spoons of white sesame, one lemon, 3 coriander, 3 to 4 millet pepper, a little cooking wine for half a spoon of white sugar, a spoon of white vinegar, a little oyster sauce, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, several petals Garlic head, one and a half pepper noodles, a few edible oils, half a spoonful of pepper, a little salt, other condiments.

Correct cooking order:

Step 1: Choose good chicken legs, lemon and other side dishes, thaw chicken leg meat in advance, you can remove some bloody smell and rinse cold water.

Step 2: Put a few chicken leg meat in the pot, throw some ginger slices, put some onion sections, add an appropriate amount of cooking wine to fish, add a little salt, cook on high heat for a few minutes, cook all the chicken leg meat, fish for fishing, fish Removal.

Step 3: The chicken leg meat is placed in a container, soaked in cold water, tears a layer of chicken skin, removes the bones, and tears with a few filaments with your hands.

Step 4: Wash and remove the shallots for a few shallots, cut into several small onion segments, put the yellow leaves from the coriander, wash it into several small segments, and set aside.

Step 5: Cut the lemon into several thin slices, the garlic is cut into minced garlic, the millet pepper is cut off the roots, cut into several small circles, prepare chicken legs and side dishes, and start making this lemon hand tore chicken.

Step 6: Prepare a bowl of cold ingredients in advance, add a little small onion, plus two spoons of white sesame seeds, plus a little pepper noodles, plus millet pepper segment and minced garlic.

Step 7: Boil some edible oil in advance to heat the oil temperature slowly, pour the hot oil in a bowl, add two spoons of raw soy sauce, add a spoon of oyster sauce, a spoonful of white vinegar, half a spoonful of white sugar, a little salt, a little salt, a little salt, a little salt, and a little salt. Stir well.

Step 8: Put some lemon slices and coriander, stir the ingredients evenly, put the chicken legs in a large container, and pour a small bowl of cold ingredients.

Step 9: Grab it with your hands and let the chicken wrap the ingredients. It tastes spicy and delicious. The meat is very tender and delicious.

Lemon hand -tear chicken is a must -eat dish for dinner. The cost of this dish is not high. It can be made in 6 minutes. The tender chicken leg meat, with lemon and millet spicy, with soul -sauces, it tastes too much. A few bowls of rice are not enough.

Do you master the cooking skills of this lemon hand -tear chicken? (The above -mentioned pictures are from the Internet)

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