Shandong: Quality and Institute of Workers, New Tips for Infrastructure Projects

Author:Jining News Network Time:2022.08.15

□ Reporter Chang Qing reported that on August 8th, with the last bridge panel of the main bridge, it was installed in place, and the high -speed Yellow River Bridge Helong was faced.

Visiting of major projects

■ Editor's note: Major projects are the "cockpit stones" of economic development, which has a strong driving force for economic growth. This year, Shandong implemented the "Three Ten Ten" action plans to accelerate the construction of major projects in infrastructure, key industries, and industrial technological reform. In the third quarter, what is the progress of major projects? Are various guarantee measures in place? What are the new changes and new situations? Our reporter goes into the front line of the project. Focus on the construction of major infrastructure projects today.

□ our reporter Chang Qing Baixiao

Above the Yellow River, between mountains, in the city, the builders of major infrastructure projects in our province are everywhere, and the good news of major projects continues to come. In August, the construction of traffic engineering continued to accelerate, and the story of seizing construction and engineering innovation also began.

Qingdao Metro Line 4--

Construction on the entire line Press the acceleration key

"Note on the spot, pay attention to the scene, PY-B201 is ready to start, PY-B201 is ready to start." On August 12, in the environmental control electronic control room of Dabu East Station of Qingdao Metro Line 4, China Railway 14th Bureau Group electrification project The technician of the limited company Guo Meng wearing a helmet, holding a walkie -talkie, and debugging the smoke exhaust fan equipment with his colleagues.

At high temperature, sweat followed his cheeks, Guo Meng was on the device, and he could not wipe the sweat. He said that since entering October 2021, it has been fighting here for more than 10 months.

As a rapid urban transportation, the subway plays an important role in promoting population flow exchange, reshaping of urban spatial patterns, and regional economic coordinated and balanced development. As of now, there are 12 Qingdao Metro Operation and Route under construction, with a daily passenger volume of up to 1.2364 million.

According to the plan, the Qingdao Metro Line 4 will be tried at the end of this year. Since the beginning of this year, the construction of Line 4 has pressed the "Acceleration Key": on January 22, all 25 stations were capped; on March 10, the entire line was opened; Power supply communication has achieved simultaneous "dual -pass", which is the first time in the construction of Qingdao Metro. Right now, Line 4 is accelerating the implementation of mechanical and electrical installation, decoration and joint testing, and has sprinting at the end of the year.

The China Railway 14th Bureau Group Electricalization Engineering Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the installation project of Hongshan Slip Station, Jinsong Third Road Station, Budi Station, Dabu East Station, Liaoyang East Road Station and its adjacent range. "From the perspective of the on -site construction environment, these stations are located in the urban area, with small ground space and difficult to hang. The underground construction space is narrow, the professional distribution is many, the equipment pipelines are complicated, the interfaces are large, and the coordination is difficult." China Railway 14th Bureau Group electrification project Ji Haitao, chief worker of Qingdao Metro Line 4 Mechanical and Electrical Installation of Qingdao Metro Line 4.

In order to solve these problems, during the construction process, the project construction team adopted technologies such as BIM technology, modular cold water machine room, and factory processing to improve the overall construction quality and save construction time. At the same time, the construction of each process is reasonably arranged to reduce the cross -impact of various majors, increase the investment of personnel and equipment, improve the construction efficiency on the spot, and ensure that the node construction period is successfully completed. At present, 80%of the overall construction tasks have been completed.

Zhanlin High -speed Yellow River Bridge-

New method across the Yellow River

On August 8th, the thunderstorm array of Binzhou, accompanied by the last bridge panel of the main bridge, was accurately installed in place.

The total length of the Yellow River Bridge of the high speed of the highway is 4630 meters, and the main bridge is 962 meters long. It is a dual -tower and double cable -faced steel mixed combination beam. The main span is 442 meters. Dong Bin, director of the Shandong Expressway Group Zhanlin Project Office, introduced that the main beam of the bridge pushed the weight of over 27,000 tons, and created the most in the construction of the lower reaches of the Yellow River.

Why should we adopt the way to push the construction? Dong Bin introduced that because the lower reaches of the Yellow River do not have navigation conditions, the bridge across the Yellow River beams can be carried out in accordance with the general cross -river bridge construction model. Innovative application of the construction method of full break on the top, compared with the traditional top push method, can shorten the construction period of more than half a year.

"In order to realize the full -length and large -weight bridge panels to push the construction of the construction, during the prefabrication of the bridge panel, the project innovation adopts the UHPC ultra -high -performance concrete without coarse aggregate, which is the first time in China." The construction monitoring center is the "neural center" of the bridge construction. Yang Yungen, the project secretary of the Construction Fangzhong Public Bureau, introduced to reporters the new panel adopted by the bridge deck. He said that the thickness of this bridge panel design board is only 17 cm, which is doubled compared with the conventional bridge panel. Under the same conditions, the bridge can be reduced by more than 30%. Make sure that the main bridge with a length of 962 meters can be directly pushed.

The success of the bridge has laid the foundation for the opening of the opening of the high speed during the year. At present, the project has entered the construction phase of the pavement and auxiliary facilities, and the projects, bridges, housing construction and other projects have been completed by more than 90%.

Jixian High -speed Railway Yellow River Special Bridge-

Ecological requirements forced technology innovation

The construction of the Yellow River needs to take into account the progress and ecological protection of construction, and the construction difficulties are greater. The Jixian High -speed Railway Bridge, which is under construction, is also "new".

"The scope of our construction is located in the Yellow River Beach District, close to the ecological protection areas such as Jixi National Wetland Park, South and Peking University Shahe systems. The ecological environmental protection requirements are high, and the ecological environment of the Yellow River Basin is generally fragile. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to environmental protection. And sustainable development. "Recently, by walking by the Yellow River, Cong Binggang, a Zhengji project manager of the road and bridge group of Shandong Province, pointed at the bridge and bridge to tell reporters that the project has adopted the assembly bridge construction process within the Yellow River beach area. The largest and latest section assembly continuous beam project. Compared with traditional craftsmanship, the prefabricated process of prefabricated bridges is produced in the field of water lines, which can save template materials, effectively reduce the use of construction venues in the Yellow River Beach, and set up a bridge crash process, which does not occupy any land for the beach area. "While this process has the advantages of high quality and fast progress, it has greatly reduced the construction land area in the beach area, and its impact on the forest land and farmland in the Yellow River Basin has also minimized." Cong Bingang said.

In order to accelerate the formation of green production methods and vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, the project has developed a new type of assembly and bridge machine promoted at the beginning of the market. In addition, the majority of the construction equipment of the section assembly beam project uses power -driven, and non -fossil energy consumption accounts for 80%, far exceeding the traditional pyrine beam construction consumption proportion, effectively creating a new generation of green low -carbon construction production production model.

At present, the main beam of the Jizheng High -speed River Bridge Towel Park of the Jixian High -speed Railway Yellow River Bridge, which was built by the Provincial Road and Bridge Group, completed 51%of the total design of the design. It is expected that the main beam Heilong is completed at the end of December this year; %. It is expected to complete the beams in mid -November 2022.

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