The shipping channel opened the Wei Li County fruit farmers no longer worry about the fruits Time:2022.08.18

On August 15th, in the Wei Beiguoyuan of Weili County, Tao Nong and volunteers were busy picking peaches. Beicuo Garden covers an area of ​​100 acres and is planted with peaches, peaches, peaches, watermelons, etc. The picking period continues from June 20 to September.

At present, it is the season when the fruits are picked and listed. While focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic, they actively coordinate and solve the difficulties of 26 households in picking and selling. In addition to organizing volunteers to help fruit farmers pick up the fruits, they also actively docking to docking. The market helps fruit farmers to connect sales channels, and through "point -to -point" transportation and other methods to ensure timely picking and smooth sales.

Director Li Hongyan

Reporter Weili County Rong Media Center

Gu Yongxin Wang Xue Wang Zhipeng Lu Hongguang

Make Yu Lei

Produced Mao Mingdong Xue Jing

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