In summer, my family often eats, vegetarian and vegetarian matching, spicy appetizers, and internal people often eat

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The time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it came to summer, and the child was also in the summer vacation. He would take the time to prepare a delicious meal for the child every day. Because the weather starts to get hot, the happiest thing every day is to eat ice cream and ice cream, feel the coolness of ice, and make your mood more peaceful. If the weather is too hot, it will cause the appetite to become particularly worse. At this time, you cannot eat big fish and meat, and you need less oil and less salt in your diet. Low -fat ingredients, with lean meat is a good match, the taste is tender, the lean meat is very tender, it is definitely a natural pair, it is really too much. How should we make this pepper konjac fried lean meat? Let's take a look with the editor now. In summer, my family often eats, vegetarian and vegetarian matching, spicy appetizers, and often eat it.

[The correct way to stir -fry the lean meat of peppers]

Ingredients: Buy a few millet peppers, a green pepper (it is recommended to choose a spicy green pepper, so that you can decorate the dishes, but also the purpose of adding flavor and fragrance), buy 350 grams of konjac猪肉,泡椒几个,少许食用油,干辣椒几个,几个大蒜头,生姜五片,几根小葱,食盐若干,鸡精和味精少许,生抽一勺,蚝油一小勺,若干淀粉, A spoon of cooking wine, half a spoon of pepper, other condiments, other condiments.

Tips for cooking: Choose good konjac, pepper and fresh pork. Konjac needs to be simmered in advance. Lean meat is marinated in advance to taste. Master the order of this chili konjac fried meat.

Specific cooking order:

Step 1: Prepare some of the above ingredients, cut the konjac into slices, cut the knife to grow filaments, boil a small pot of hot water, put in konjac and blanch, soak in cold water, control the water separation.

Step 2: The front leg meat is divided into two pieces of fat, and the fat and lean meat are cut into slices. The lean meat is marinated in a bowl, adds a little cooking wine, adds a spoonful of cooking wine, plus the salt and throw it. A spoonful of upper powder, quickly grab it until even, make the lean meat marinated in advance.

Step 3: Wash a green pepper into fine wires, cut the garlic into a few garlic slices, cut the ginger into fines, cut the pickled peppers and millet pepper into small circles, cut the dried hot pepper into sections, and set aside.

Step 4: Boil the bottom of the pot to warm in advance, add some fat oil and stir -fry fertilizer oil, add some onion, ginger, garlic, add pickles and millet pepper, add some dried pepper segment, stir -fry its fragrance Come.

Step 5: Put the marinated lean meat, quickly stir -fry until the discoloration, with some green pepper, pour in the well -brushed konjac, and stir fry until uniform.

Step 6: Add a spoonful of raw soy sauce, add a spoonful of oyster sauce to fresh, sprinkle with salt and sugar, add chicken essence and MSG, stir -fry until uniform, sprinkle with green onions, pick up the juice and get out of the pan. The lean meat is ready, it is too fragrant to eat, and the rice is too bad.

Pepper konjac fried lean meat is a super appetizing meal. Konjac is very flexible, lean meat is very tender, with pepper to color, the dishes are spicy and appetizing, and the needs of our taste buds are too delicious. Try this home -cooked dish while the family does not appetite.

Do you learn how to stir -fry this pepper konjac? (The above drawings all come from the Internet)

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