Wudu: "Monitoring Network" from weaving and returning to poverty

Author:Longnan Wudu released Time:2022.06.21

Consolidating and expanding the results of poverty alleviation and preventing the incidence of scale is the bottom line of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.

"Scientific dynamic monitoring, normalized investigation and identification, preciseness to household assistance, and comprehensive poverty prevention protection." This year, Wudu District innovation mechanism, weaving "monitoring network" Prevent "copper wall iron walls" that return to the poor.

Fund guarantee, compact prevention of "policy management"

"This is the saving money, which is too timely for us!" In a village in Berlin Town, Wudu District, the villager Jiao Xiaoxiao (pseudonym) successfully made a funding funding for 45,000 yuan from special funds in Wudu District.

There are 4 people in Jiao Xiaoxiao's family. The source of the economy mainly relies on his father to work and plant pepper. In June 2020, Jiao Xiaoxiao's sister had just graduated from college. Because of the detection of brain tumors, he needed to be treated in Beijing. For two years, a large amount of medical expenses overwhelmed this family that was not rich.

After visiting this situation, the village cadres visited this situation, and made Jiao Xiaoxiana as a "serious difficulty household" to apply for district -level special funds to prevent special funds for poverty alleviation. "Now my sister is a postoperative recovery period. This money can be used for the expenditure of subsequent large medical expenses." Jiao Xiaoxiao.

Since last year, Wudu District has actively explored a new model of preventing poverty and poverty, and 10 million yuan of funds will be arranged by the district -level financial arrangement each year, and "government poverty prevention insurance insurance" is purchased to ensure that new identification and unrelated poverty alleviation households, edges and edges It is easy to cause poor households and severe difficulties.

First of all, the district government is responsible for leaders as the team leader, and the main heads of the relevant departments of the district are members. They have established a leading group to prevent special funds from poverty -stricken returns to prevent the arrangement, approval, fund allocation, and inspection and guidance to prevent the assistance of special funds for special funds returning to the poor.

Secondly, through the township declaration, department acceptance, capital allocation and other procedures, in accordance with the principles of lack of supplementation, targeted assistance assistance will be carried out in a timely manner for different groups, and fund allocation is completed.

At the same time, the hard -working force, refine the service process, optimize the quality of the service, and fully cooperate with the implementation of the "preventing special fund assistance projects" to ensure that the special person is responsible, applied in time, and handles it quickly. Measures create favorable conditions.

"Code" to build a "information barrier" to build a "information barrier"

Cao Jian, a villager in Caojiabao Village, Yaozhai Town, ushered in a pair of twin grandsons last year. It was a great event, but also accompanied by sorrow. "The income at home depends on my son to work outside. Now the feeding expenses of the three grandsons are very large. I have a long -term chronic disease and need to spend money."

After the town government cadres learned about the situation of Cao Jianjia, they first instructed him to report the monitoring object of the WeChat mini -programs through the "Wudu District Preventing Poverty Monitoring" WeChat Mini Program. From an autonomous application to assistance measures, it took only 13 days to build Cao Jian, and now he has changed from three types of low -guarantee households to two -type low guarantee households.

In order to effectively prevent the dynamic monitoring of the poverty -stricken return, the Innovation of the Wudu District Rural Revitalization Bureau has developed a small program for "preventing the rapid response of poverty monitoring". This applet adopts a combination of offline surveys and online approval to form a rapid discovery, timely monitoring, dynamic management, accurate assistance, and dynamic clearance. Object recognition is not accurate. Application for farmers, village -level reviews, township preliminary examination, "four personnel" inspection, district -level review ... Open the applet, the information of each link is uploaded online. Paper version information is submitted step by step, delay time.

"Now, as long as you turn on the mobile phone, the full -process data photo forms a set of electronic files, which is intuitive and easy to archive." Said Ma Yuxia, deputy head of the village revitalization station of Yaozhai Town.

"The applet has greatly shortened the approval time, clarified the duties of the monitoring team, so that the villagers would enjoy the policy discounts in a timely manner, and effectively prevented the dispersed and poor implementation of responsibilities." Li Wenping, a staff member of the Wudu District Rural Revitalization Bureau, said. Essence

According to statistics, since the completion of the "Wudu District to prevent the rapid response procedure of poverty -reward monitoring", the system has received 447 applications from monitoring households, and 101 households have been reviewed and implemented. 319 households rejected on the standard line.

All members touched, weaving the "source of the source"

"Laotian, Pingping Village, Berlin Town, can do heart surgery. The two children have just went to college.

"The old daughter -in -law of the Zhang family of Lishuwan had an accident when having a child in the hospital. A large amount of medical expenses needed expenditure, and the child was just born. It was recommended to be included in the monitoring object ..."

In Berlin Town, Wudu District, the cadres in the poverty -stricken monitoring team were prevented by the actual situation of the villagers, and the villagers made dynamic adjustments to the villagers' actual situation, and they were identified into the monitoring objects in a timely manner.

Since 2021, Wudu District has strictly implemented the "3229" to prevent the help mechanism of returning poverty monitoring, combining scientific dynamic monitoring and normalized investigation and rectification. , Establish and improve the system of preventing and helping the poverty -stricken monitoring and assistance, and ensure the effective operation of the mechanism.

"Early discovery can we intervene early and help early to ensure that no case is returned to poverty." Fan Xiang, director of the Office of the Wudu District Rural Revitalization Bureau, introduced that 650 villages and villages in the district have formed 650 villages to prevent poverty -stricken monitoring teams, 5044 monitorRegularly or irregularly investigate the household -by -person village, forming a grid -based seamless gap coverage monitoring system.As of now, the region has been included in a total of 1,3785 monitoring households, and 9,746 people have eliminated 2610 households, with an elimination rate of 70.7%.

Poverty alleviation is not the end, but the starting point for new life and new struggle."In the next step, we will further improve and improve the help mechanism for helping the poor monitoring and assistance, so as to help all, we should help, and firmly adhere to the bottom line of the poor return to the poverty.Yang Jinbao, director of the Rural Revitalization Bureau, said.

(Source: Gansu Economic Daily)

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