Summer vacation "Bringing Baby" Taiyuan has a new model

Author:Fairview Taiyuan City Time:2022.07.15

In the summer custody class of Taiyuan Book City, the children carefully listened to the wonderful book theme lectures brought by the teacher.

Every summer vacation, the child is the most headache for many parents of office workers. This summer vacation, some communities, bookstores and enterprises in Taiyuan City have launched a variety of community custody and love custody classes to solve the problem of "unmanned and unattended" during the children's holidays, so that unmanned children have a safe and warm and warmth. , Happy Growth holiday.

1 Community public welfare with baby to relieve the people's worries

"I am almost late at work. The elderly cannot be hospitalized recently. I ca n’t find a photo of people for a while. Let’ s take the child to the community first. I come over after get off work at noon. "Early in the morning on July 11th, a young mother Send 7 -year -old son Xixi to Chaoyang Street community and entrust to community staff. Xixi is already the 10th child received by the community.

In the custody class of the Chaoyang Street community, the children will write about the summer vacation of the day every day, and then read extra -curricular books, play games, and participate in interest. "Teacher, I won't know this question. Come and help me see it." College student volunteer Zhao Xiaogen shuttled around the children. When he encountered a child for help, he would immediately come forward to counsel and encourage the children to think more about thinking more. , Moving to do the problem. After learning that many children are interested in painting, the community specially invites Zhao Rongyan, a retired art teacher in the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction, to conduct painting training for children.

Like the Chaoyang Street Community, the "Children's House" of the West Coast Community Party and Mass Service Center transformed into a custody class. Volunteers, red lecturers, college students and other groups lead children to carry out companionship, tutoring operations, interest training, intellectual games, etc. The activity greatly enriched the children's holiday activities.

"It is really good to look at the child from the community. This kind of 'deposit baby' method is really good." Wei Xiuli, the parent of the office worker, said, "Send the child to the community, we are very assured that we have no time to solve the problem that we have no time to bring the baby. It also reduces the burden on our children's homework. "

2 Book City Love Host is favored

In the summer vacation of this year, Taiyuan Book City played its own advantages and launched a free summer custody class for members of the picture bookbooks to be loved by children.

"Classmates, do you know what are the myths about human beings?" "Nuwa supplement the sky!" The wonderful book theme lecture "Human Secret" brought by Teacher Ao has aroused great interest in children, and everyone scrambles to answer.

Parents of office workers have expressed their affirmation and support for this custody method launched by Taiyuan Book City. Ms. Geng said: "Before the summer vacation, the owners of our community began to discuss how the children spent these two months of vacation. Bookstore was too thoughtful. Learning in the environment, and professional teachers, it really solves big problems for the parents of office workers. "

Li Yuan, a teacher of the custodian, said that the daily custody time of the summer custody class is from 8 am to 12 am, from 2:30 pm to 6 pm. When the children write homework, there are professional teachers on -site counseling. In addition, the custody class has also held various forms of reading activities from time to time, so that children like reading, thereby expanding children's knowledge, pioneering vision, and cultivating good learning habits.

3 Enterprises bring dolls to work and make mistakes

In the process of exploring the "unmanned control" of the holiday children, the free summer custody class carried out by Shanxi Zhongke Caixin and Tax Technology Co., Ltd. is another new attempt to "bring baby" in the summer vacation. It is reported that before the holiday, Shanxi Zhongke Caixin and Tax Technology Co., Ltd. temporarily converted the original 300 square meter conference room into a summer custody class.

On July 14, the reporter came to the custody class on the 4th floor of Xinmao Building, Yangshi Street. At the scene, I saw that in the event area, there was a thick climbing pad on the floor; , Place various types of cultural, social science books and puzzle toys. This is the world of 15 corporate employees who come to "check in" and entertain every day.

Feng Yusong, a teacher in this custodian class, is a college student volunteer from the Chinese Civil Aviation Academy of Flying Technology. The reporter noticed that the children were buried in their homework. Analyze the topic and find the problem solving ideas. After completing the homework, the children came to the activity area for the "frog jump" relay match. Under the demonstration of Teacher Feng, the children warm up and quickly grasped the essentials of action. After the start of the game, the children became masters of "frog jumping" one by one. You chased me, and the scene was particularly lively.

The company's employee Liu Wei told reporters that he had two children, 12 years old and 10 years old. As soon as you get a holiday, the child is in a state of "unmanned control". This year, the company launched this summer vacation custody class, which completely solved the problems of employees.

Source: Taiyuan Evening News

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