Hejin: Make good use of the "command stick" to play the "chorus"

Author:Hejin Rong Media Time:2022.06.15

In order to ensure the orderly advancement of the special actions of the party building to promote grass -roots governance capabilities, Hejin City has strived to explore the key points, distinctive guidance, scientific and effective supervision and linkage, and the assessment mechanism of the stubble. Play practice, one year of evaluation, timely research and deployment, give full play to the role of the "command stick", and efficiently lead the improvement of grassroots governance capabilities.

Half -month supervision. Every half a month, the supervision team goes to the townships (streets), various work classes, and the demonstration units of each leader. Score, the results of the supervision results are reserved for assessment and punishment.

January one summary. According to the results of the two January supervision of the assessment and punishment, after the summary of the results, the townships (streets), various work classes, and the topic demonstration units were scored in line, and they were notified within a certain range. The monthly assessment score is an important basis for the year -end assessment scoring.

Practice for one season. Each quarter, the townships (streets), various work classes, and lead -leading demonstration units will be concentrated in "review". Through field viewing, on -site observation, and post -afterwards, find the gap in comparison and find the path in the gap.

One year's evaluation. At the end of the year, special assessment of various townships (streets), various work classes, and leading topic demonstration units, increase the weight of the usual assessment, and use the satisfaction of the people as an important basis for evaluation. Strengthen the use of assessment results. During the year -end assessment, the assessment results are determined through special assessment and annual assessment general accounts, and in accordance with the "1+3X" comprehensive evaluation system of the Municipal Party Committee, do a good job of "award" article, "punishment" discipline, Essence

Research and judgment deployment in a timely manner. According to the usual inspections, the assessment and punishment class will hold a work promotion meeting in a timely manner. (Xu Qianqian)

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