High -tech zone held a mobilization deployment meeting for the toilet mobilization of rural issues

Author:Tangshan High -tech Zone Time:2022.07.18

On the afternoon of July 15th, the high -tech zone organized a meeting of rural problems toilet rectification and annihilation. The first -level investigator of the management committee Wang Yushan presided over the meeting and spoke.

The meeting first listened to the report of the District Social Affairs Bureau and towns (offices) to the toilet, especially the reporting rectification of the toilet, and the rural work service center conveyed the spirit and arrangement of the state, provincial, and municipalities recently on the rectification of the problem toilet rectification work. The deployment, and reported on the main problems in the rectification of the toilet rectification of the toilets since last year.

Wang Yushan emphasized that one is to improve and attach great importance to ideological awareness, and strictly implement the requirements of national, provincial, and municipal work. The second is to act immediately, and the towns and offices immediately organize villages and households to check for self -examination, especially if the account is not consistent, the new and new, the standard is not high, the standards are not high, and the masses reflect strongly. Essence The third is to change while investigating and changing. The fourth is to organize special forces to supervise and inspect, and serious accountability of leaks and leaks and prominent problems. Fifth, the establishment of a long -term management mechanism to ensure that the long -term management and protection of rural household toilets and public toilets is in place. Liu Guanchang emphasized that one must attach importance to ensure that the toilet rectification of the problem is in place, and the funds related to agricultural involvement are not problems. Second, we must rectify, self -examination and self -correction must be fully in place, and we must not falsify. Third, we must inspect the joint investigation team of the Social Management Bureau and the Agricultural Service Center. Fourth, we must have a true accountability. Once the problem is found that the problem has not been rectified or other violations of discipline and violations, the Discipline Inspection Commission will have severe accountability. The district social affairs bureaus, rural work service centers, towns (offices) and responsible comrades in charge attended the meeting.

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