"Deputy District Chief of Technology" provides a smart engine for the high -quality development of Kuiwen District

Author:Kuiwen Published Time:2022.06.15

This year, Kuiwen District took the initiative to step forward and actively served, and selected Chen Yizhou, deputy director of the Public Safety Research Center of the China Institute of Architecture Sciences and the post -doctoral of Tsinghua University as the "Deputy Chief of Science and Technology" to promote the implementation of key projects, the introduction of high -end technological talents, scientific and technological innovationPlatform construction.

The arrival of the "Deputy District Chief of Science and Technology" introduced the top resources of the industry for Kuiwen District, and introduced domestic first -class scientific and technological achievements, scientific research talents and industrial projects for the emergency safety industry demonstration park.At present, 12 enterprises have settled in the demonstration park and 46 companies intend to settle in.At the same time, assisting enterprises in the park will cultivate a group of leading talents with outstanding technical capabilities and strong innovation capabilities, promote enterprises to introduce high -end talents and overseas experts, and gather new momentum for the park's scientific and technological innovation.

In addition, we also connected the scientific and technological achievement project of the "Fire Wheel" potassium ion fire extinguishing device, the Beijing Aerospace Changxing "Smart Electric Platform" project, and Donghongda's "Far Differential Spray Fire Extermination" equipment R & D project.At the stage, it is expected that the sales revenue of 320 million yuan in the first year is expected to be added in the first year.

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