Autonomous Region Health and Health Commission: Strengthen the source control of the port city to accurately build the "external defense input" defense line

Pomegranate/Xinjiang Daily (Reporter Su Luping reported) On the evening of September 17, the Press Office of the People's Government of the Autonomous Region held a press conference on epidemic preven

During the epidemic situation, the operation of Chengdu closed -loop production enterprises will be stable and orderly to strengthen the dynamic adjustment of closed -loop enterprises [Qi Xin Zhanyin Objective]

Cover reporter Zhou Jiayi Lei YuandongHow can Chengdu support the impact of indust...

Chengdu Economic and Information Bureau: The city's closed -loop production enterprises generally run smoothly and orderly 丨 September 4th Chengdu epidemic prevention and control conference ④

Chuanguan News reporter Xiao Yingpei Cheng WenwenOn September 4th, at the press conference of the epidemic prevention and control work held by the Press Office of the Chengdu Municipal People's Govern

Building an epidemic defense line | Campus closed -loop management Q & A, click to understand!

Recently, Hainan's epidemic prevention and control situation is better as a wholeW...

Guangzhou Baiyun's latest notice

A notification of routine testing of a closed -loop management personnel of a high -risk position in an inbound -entry -associated high -risk positionOn August 26, 2022, in the routine testing nucleic

Panyu District's notification on a positive routine nucleic acid testing of a closed -loop management staff in a high -risk position in an entry isolation hotel

Panyu District, GuangzhouAbout a closed -loop management of a high -risk position in an entry -separated hotelStaff routine nucleic acid test positive reportOn June 25, 2022, in our district's entry -