Zhejiang: Military Land jointly promoted procuratorial public interest litigation

The Civil Defense Engineering Safety Gate purchased by a real estate development Co., Ltd. is in place! On September 16th, the residential construction department of Longyou County, Zhejiang Provi

The government "set up" banking enterprises "singing"!Longyou Financial Comprehensive Service Platform Open

On the morning of September 16th, Longyou County Financial Service Center, County ...

Luzhou has successfully created the first batch of provincial rural rural areas, one, two, and three industries to integrate development demonstration parks

Recently, 7 departments including the Provincial Development and Reform Commission...

Zhejiang Longyou 6 people fell into the water, rescue players: 4 people have been found, 2 people are still searching

Jimu reporter Zhang Hao Zhao DelongVideo editing Ma Xingxiang

Sad!6 people were killed

According to CCTV News on August 22, at 10:52 on August 21, 2022, an unexpected dr...

Zhejiang Longyou 6 people fell into the water: 2 people have been rescued ashore, and 4 are still searching and rescue

On August 21, according to the report from the Longyou County Public Security Bure...

Zhejiang HY1110, a good car!

Zhejiang News Client Sharing Alliance Longyou Station Yu Le Lan Ruotong

Use the light of big data to illuminate more "hidden corners"

Big data light illuminates more hidden cornersZhejiang Luzhou: Developing a digita...

Empower the county social organization and create a dragon tour sample: "Xianglong Tour Running Plan" starts!

On the morning of July 30, the Xiang Shanlong You Running Plan was officially laun...

@, Another new subsidy is here ~

In order to further promote the fertilization of soil measurement formula, acceler...

Transform the employee's "voices" into "applause"!Zhejiang Federation of Trade Unions grass -roots squatting dots cracked and resolved female employee rights protection issues list

The squat dot group goes into the front line of the workshop. Reporter Cheng XueDo...

Mo Daosangyu's evening mediation is justified by Zhejiang's supervisory old police officer to actively participate in social contradictions to resolve

I sincerely thank Police Officer Ye's patient education, let me deeply realize that the legal consequences and impacts on the family's decision on the court are reluctant. I am willing to pay off the.

Disinfected tableware is not hygienic?"Consultation+Prosecution Recommendation" to promote rectification

Recently, Xiao Xu and his friends walked into a restaurant on Taiping Road, Longyo...

Longyou Public Security opened the province's first full -scale online online "Certificate of Non -Crime Record"!

On June 28, Ms. Chen from Ms. Chen from Tatshi Town, Longyou County downloaded her no criminal record certificate after submitting the application in the Zheli app. Matters, now you can get all

Expert online "Cloud Clinic"!Longyou County 20 million yuan reward scientific and technological talents "unveiling the list"

Major Science and Technology Relations Unveil the List project review meetingRecen...

Longyou County Forestry Water Resources Bureau issued mountain flood disasters blue warning [Class I

Longyou County Forestry Water Resources Bureau and Longyou County Meteorological Bureau June 09, 19, 19:35, jointly issued a mountain flood disaster blue warning: It is expected to be 20:00 on June 09

Longyou County Meteorological Orange Orange Early Warning [Class II/Severe]

Longyou County Meteorological Observatory upgraded the yellow warning signal of heavy rain and yellow early warning signals at 02:00 on June 10, 2022 to orange early warning signal: affected by low vo

Longyou County Meteorological Observatory issued heavy rain yellow warning [Class III/heavier]

Longyou County Meteorological Observatory issued a heavy rain yellow warning signal at 00:00 on June 10, 2022: Affected by low vortex cuts, it is expected to be under the temples of our county, Xikou,