"Fundraising intermediary" draws up to 70%?Where should the water droplets come from?

Recently, the water droplets such as water droplets such as water droplets such as...

[Recommended reading] Standard adjustment!Reason for urban and rural residents' serious illness insurance

A few days agoJilin Provincial Medical Security Bureau releasedAbout 2022 urban and rural residentsNotice of major illness insurance workThe full text is as follows↓↓↓About 2022 urban and rural res

12,000 yuan!Standard adjustment

A few days ago, the Jilin Provincial Medical Security Bureau issued the Notice on Doing a Good House for the Insurance of Urban and Rural Residents in 2022. The notice pointed out that the starting

"Huixiangfu" 丨 Health cannot be ignored!Health protection needs to be planned early

Recently, a Weibo topic of the post -90s dare not read the physical examination re...