"Takeaway Brother" will be guaranteed by law!"Henan Human Resources Market Regulations (Draft)" for the second instance

On September 27, the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th People's Congress of Henan Province was held in Zhengzhou. The Henan Human Resources Market Regulations (Draft) was submitted...

The highest bonus is 20,000 yuan!2022 Luzhou Vocational Skills Contest began to register

To speed up the construction of the city's high -skilled talent teamStimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of workers to learn skills to practice skillsIn 2022, the Luzhou Vocational Skills Competit

The top ten typical cases of high -quality development of Sichuan notarization services are released

The top ten typical cases of high -quality development of Sichuan notarization services are released15 years of precision notarization escort Sichuan wine for thousands of years of wine fragranceWheth

[Human Resources and Social Energy] Do not pay social security without signing a contract?NO!

GallopingSocial insurance protects youWork -related injuries, unemployment, retire...

Reunioned rural left -behind children on the construction site to protect the "Hundreds of preaching into the construction site" activity.

In order to build a good home for the aircraft on time and high quality, the worke...

Improve the training subsidy mechanism of skill workers and "Skills Bank", the proportion of high -skilled talents in Shenzhen 2025 will rise to 40 %

Southern Finance and Economics All -Media Council reporter Chen Siqi Shenzhen ReportingRecently, the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued the Work Plan for Significant

The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zhucheng City held a press conference to promote the arrears of wages in accordance with the law to promote social harmony and stability

Recently, the Zhucheng Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau held a...

Tian Shi Fu Police Station carried out anti -fraud propaganda into the construction site activities

Since the launch of the Hundred Days of Actions in the summer public security strikes, Tian Shi Fu Police Station has firmly established the concept of ahead of the previous step, active acting, p

The first "Digital Craftsman" Workers' Skills Competition in Hubei Province in 2022 ended

Hubei Daily (Reporter Li Ting, correspondent Zhu Tianrui) On September 23, the first digital craftsman employee skill contest in Hubei Province ended in Han.Since the start of this contest in July t

World Pharmacist Day 丨 The letter of condolences of the province's pharmacists and pharmaceutical workers

Speaking of people's livelihood 丨 Temporary assistance to expand the temperature of people's livelihood

Li LinThe unemployment policy cannot cover the unemployed persons who cannot cover the insurance, as long as the relevant conditions of the temporary assistance are met, they can apply for one -time t

The salary of 13 cleaners of Leshan was arrears, and the labor supervision department intervened in supervision and issuing ...

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Labor Law, the employer shall ...

Huizhou Daya Bay Area New Commerce Industry Union Federation was established

A few days ago, the first member congress of the first member congress of the first member congress of the new format industry union federation of Huizhou Da Yawan District was successfully held. The

Suddenly died in working hours, is it a work injury?

Xiao Luo is an employee of a software company.Last month, Xiao Ronaldo suddenly fa...

Suqian City Federation of Trade Unions held a union data survey statistics and the collection of historical materials collection work conference

On the morning of September 21, the Suqian Federation of Trade Unions held a union...

Innovative with craftsmanship, the 3rd "Binjiang Craftsman" was born

On September 22, the high -tech zone (Binjiang) ingenious inheritance of the first...

"Love Mother" lecture hall enters the construction site

Hubei Daily News (Correspondent Luo Yuxiao and Hu Yin) Children's mood is not a tr...

Lecture 2: According to the consumption segment, the second real estate market is developed during the labor enjoyment stage

Research by the author of Plan-Market Economy System found that people's consumpti...

Wuhan's actual recruitment strong support!These industry personnel will welcome great benefits

The Yangtze River Daily Da Wuhan Client September 21 (Reporter Wang Su Correspondent Fei Zhiqing) Last year, the city's takeaway delivery was more than 3 billion, and the average of more than 200 take

What is deemed to be deemed?How to determine the economic compensation limit?12333 Answer to you

12333 telephone consultation services provide public services such as policy consu...

Love is the masses to relieve the people's worries -Jiuquan City has achieved remarkable results for the people's practical work

Since the beginning of this year, Jiuquan City has focused on the masses' urgency and worried about the problem, and solidly handled 9 provincial party committees and provincial governments to determi

Our city issued seven major measures for the "Working Plan for the Training System for Lifetime Vocational Skills" to establish the establishment of all workers and running through the end

In order to focus on solving problems such as insufficient matching and industrial development in our city, insufficient training resources, and restrictions on the professional development of skill t

"Parenting Parenting" Fan Yusu published a book together for 5 years after writing. Cultural observation

Cover news reporter Zhang JieIn 2017, the article I'm Fan Yusu brushed the screen ...

I go to Maryway and the army engineering team to organize all factor defense drills

At 10 o'clock on September 16, local time in Mali, as the alarm suddenly sounded, ...

Yuexiu Road Primary School in Nanning: Revisiting the history of workers and inheriting red genes

If you cross the Nanning City on the eve of the liberation in 1949, who will you m...

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