This 5A -level scenic spot is urgently closed!The reason is……

Author:Gansu daily Time:2022.08.15

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, on August 13, the reporter noticed that Guizhou Jinzun Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on the 12th that due to the continuous high temperature weather in Chishui District, Zunyi City, Guizhou, The river was exhausted, and the company's emergency research decided to stop operation on the attractions on August 13.

The staff of the Chishui Danxia Tourist Area · Da Waterfall Scenic Area confirmed the above news to reporters. The staff said, "This has not happened in the past few years. This year, it is particularly hot and it has continued the high temperature for many days, which directly led to the rivers of the rivers of the upper reaches of the Great Waterfall Scenic Area." According to the staff, there are 6 major scenic spots in Chishui Danxia. At present, only the Great Waterfall Scenic Area has been affected, and the other five scenic spots are open normally.

The staff of the scenic area also said, "The time to open the park is not clear, because the weather is too dry, there is no water in the upper reaches of the waterfall, when it is raining, the waterfall can be opened when there is water." As of press time (at 15 o'clock on August 15), the official website of the scenic spot has not been notified by reopening the scenic spot.

The reporter learned from the Zunyi Tourism Development Committee that the Chishui Danxia Tourist Area · Da Waterfall Scenic Area is the ace scene of the key scenic spots of Chishui National Scenic Spots, and it is one of the core components of the "Chishui Danxia" declared world natural heritage. The waterfall is 76 meters high and 80 meters wide, which is one of the best waterfalls in my country.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

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