Inventory of the top ten foods that have been inherited for a long time, which of the Manchu inheritance?

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Soft glutinous sticky bean bag

Crispy Saqima

The fragrance of Suzi Yeye

Manchu hot pot with the most set off in rainy weather

Do you know, these daily foods

It turned out to be inherited from the Manchu snacks that were inherited in the northeast

Follow Xiaoji to "taste" one by one!


Manchu hot pot

What is the most matching rainy day is of course hot pot. The hot pot is the famous Manchu, and the Manchu people were originally called "wild hot pot". As early as the Jin Dynasty, the Manchu ancestors had a fire pot pottery tank when hunting in the wild, and cooked the dietary customs of eating deer and meat slices with chicken soup.

The Manchu Hot Pot still maintains its traditional copper -cooked charcoal fire. Add sauerkraut and thin pieces of meat to the pot soup, and use hemp sauce, bean curd, leek flower and other dipped. Essence


Sticky bean bag

Most of the Manchu people love to eat "sticky" food. Bean bags, cold cakes, cut cakes, etc. made of sticky rice (big yellow rice, small yellow rice) noodles are collectively referred to as sticky crickets. The sticky bean bag is not only a balanced nutrition, but also contains the ancient cultural heritage, which is a precedent for rough grain.

And this sticky and glutinous food has already become a daily food for people in Northeast people. No matter what season, you can eat it. Although the fillings are all bean stuffing, it is no longer limited to yellow rice. The white sticky bean bag made of Jiangmi is as delicious. Those who like sweetness can be dipped in white sugar to eat, and it has a flavor.


Sauerkraut stewed white blood intestines

Winter in the northeast has the custom of winter storage cabbage. Therefore, pickled sauerkraut is one of the main dishes in winter in the Northeast region, and sauerkraut stewed bloody blood sausage is a traditional Fan Food. In the past, it belonged to a main dish where relatives and friends were banned from relatives and friends during the Spring Festival.

This dish is to add a sliced ​​white meat and cut blood sausage, add sauerkraut, and go to the broth or chicken soup. The method is simple, the taste is delicious, it tastes fat but not greasy, thin but not firewood. Because sauerkraut can not be eaten in winter, this cuisine has already become a food that can be edible all year round.


Su Zi Ye Tao

Su Ziye, commonly known as sticking mouse, is one of the sticky foods that the Manchus loves to eat. Just like the southerners love to eat the youth group, this soft and waxy snack belongs to seasonal food.

Every summer, people are soaked in glutinous rice and grinded into noodles. After rubbing and pressed into round cakes, it is like making bean bags. The inside is covered with bean stuffing, and fresh Suzi leaves are wrapped on the inside. After steaming slowly, the aroma of Su Ziye has penetrated into the crickets. When eating, go to the leaves or leaf to eat all personal preferences. Do you taste this Manchu snack with a fragrant fragrance?


Two -meter rice (Dragon Tiger Dou)

I believe everyone is very familiar with Ermean, but I did not expect that this turned out to be a Manchu snack. The Manchu people like to put rice and Xiaomi for cooking together, so they are called Erguo.

Use rice, Xiaomi add some small beans to cook rice, called Dragon Tiger Dou. "Dou" is the homophonic of "beans", the dragon and tiger of rice, Xiaomi metaphor, so it is called "Dragon Tiger Dou".


Saqima (sugar entanglement)

Saqima is a traditional Manchu cake. "Saqima" is Manchu. Chinese is called golden silk cakes and cakes. In the Qing Dynasty, the Manchu people used Saqima as a tribute, showing their attention and love for it.

The practice of this food is to reconcile the white noodles with water and eggs (or cream), roll into thin slices, cut into thin strips, and fry. Boil it with sugar or rock sugar and stir it with sugar, and then pour it into the wooden grooves of sesame seeds, green red silk, and melon seeds, and flatten it. Then take it out and cut into a square to eat, the taste is sweet and delicious.



Sour soup, also known as Tangzi and Xunzi, is a fermented corn product. This is the most favorite food in the summer of the Manchu.

The method is to soak the corn, grind it into noodles, and make it after fermentation. Squeeze the posted corn noodles into the "soup tube" to make the noodles leak into the boiling water pot, cook it in a bowl, and add some material to eat it. It tastes appetizing.


Bean noodle roll

Bean noodle rolls, commonly known as donkeys, are one of the sticky foods that Manchu like to eat. The method is to steam the glutinous rice noodles into the pan, roll it into a pancake, and then sprinkle the fried soybeans evenly on it. You can also add sesame salt, roll the roll, cut into one to two inches long, and then eat it.

Xiaoji once tried to make this soft glutinous snack. It is recommended to brush a layer of olive oil at the bottom of the bowl before steaming. The most important thing is to wet the soybean noodles, which is not conducive to the later production and affects the taste. Did your friends learn?



There was also a folklore of Wowotou. It is said that the Empress Dowager Cixi had an accidental opportunity and ate corn noodle Wo Toutou, and it felt delicious. Therefore, Xiaowo Wo Tou became the court snack at the time.

Xiaowei Tou is generally mixed with Xiaomi noodles, mules, corn surfaces, and chestnut noodles to make a conical shape. Each bottom has a round hole, small and exquisite, and it is golden yellow after steaming. At that time, the general people ate it mainly made of corn surface, which was larger.

And now there are miscellaneous grain bags that look like Xiaowo Toutou, you can add some side dishes to the round hole, adding different ways of eating.



The skin jelly is an indispensable dish for the Northeast New Year's Eve dinner, and it is also a snack that people are drunk in the summer. The meat skin jelly is a major invention of the Manchu.

Before making the meat, cut the meat into small pieces and boil until the skin is integrated with the water, forming a flowing body, and then in the square container. Wait for solidification and cut into small pieces.The characteristics of good taste.Looking at the simple approach, it is very particular about the heat and water ratio. There is a certain percentage of how much water is placed. Xiaoji heard that it is 1: 6. If you do n’t, you can only try to “appropriately” according to the chef.If you need to reprint this article, please indicate the source Youyou Jilin

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