Do you know network security?Come and master knowledge by answering questions!

Author:Chinese water Time:2022.09.07

September 5th to 11th

Is the National Network Security Propaganda Week

The theme of this year is

"Cyber security depends on the people's network security"

How important is network security?

What is data security?

It doesn't matter if you don't answer

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2022 National Network Security Propaganda Week

Network security knowledge

Internet answering activity

Those with scores above 80 (inclusive) can download "school certification"

After verification by the personnel department of the unit where the unit is located

Register for training at 4 hours

Each person's answer is based on the results of the final submission as the final result

You can answer multiple questions many times!

A rare opportunity

Hurry up!

Source 丨 The Information Center of the Ministry of Water Resources 丨 Chen Rui Produced 丨 Fan Yanzi Responsibility Compilation 丨 Luo Jingyue School Fight 丨 Wang Yu

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