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The rich usually refers to people with a lot of material wealth. So, "a lot"?

In 1999, the British Hurun first published the "Chinese 50 Rich List" on Forbes in English. The threshold for the list was 50 million, and the first richest man Rong Yiren's wealth was 8 billion. In 2021, in the 23rd "Hurun Rich List", the richest man had 390 billion yuan, and it took 90.5 billion to enter the TOP50 ranks. Even the last assets included in the list reached 2 billion.

In October, the new list is about to be announced! In the wealth arena, the group of Ying Ying gathers and the situation.

The starting place of the Hu Runliang list is Shanghai. The advantages of the Shanghai Land in the Ekou of the Land of the Land, along the river along the river, so that it quickly developed into the largest industrial city in the Far East after opening the port, attracting countless ambitious people to go to break through. Famous Shanghai Beach.

In 1933, a black and white film called "Go to Shanghai" was released. It was about two rural people in Shanghai to get gold in Shanghai, but they were always uncomfortable and made a lot of jokes. Literatology decided to read and was helped by the director of the manufacturer. In the end, good people had a good story.

Although the plot is slightly old -fashioned, the truth is simple and realistic.

Go to Shanghai and gold!

If wealth is used as a standard of successful measurement, who is the most successful gold rushman?

According to the "2022 Hurun Global Rich List", Zhang Tong News closed 72 rich people who established Shanghai and more than 10 billion wealth, outline the Shanghai Ten billionaire's map.

From the perspective of the rich people, only 10 of the 72 tens of billions are Shanghai natives. The first -ranking Zhejiang was far ahead with 26 -bit, and Wenzhou was the most, and 8 rich people came from this. There are nine in Jiangsu, ranking third in total. Secondly, Fujian and Guangdong also contributed 5 and 4 billionaires to Shanghai. In addition, Sichuan, Anhui, and Shandong each have two on the list. Eight rich people are from eight provinces and cities in Henan, Hunan, Guizhou, Liaoning, Chongqing, Gansu, Jiangxi and Hubei. According to the results of the seventh census, the top five main sources in Shanghai are Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, and Sichuan. The top five of the rich and total population of Shanghai Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Mills are Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Liaoning, and Gansu.

From the perspective of wealth value, the total wealth of 10 billion rich people reached 1845 trillion, the average wealth was 15.8 billion, and the median value was 16 billion.

The richest man was Liu Yongxing, who started to raise quails and made feed, 135 billion yuan in net worth, Xinjin from Sichuan;

The second place is Huang Yan, who has 120 billion yuan;

The third place is Yu Renrong of Well's shares, with 95 billion.

In addition to the top three, there are 4 wealth of more than 50 billion yuan; there are 19 places in the range of 200 to 50 billion; 46 are between 100 to 20 billion.

From the age of the rich, the average age is 56 years old and the median is 55 years old. In addition to the two people who have not been counted, the youngest tens of billions of wealthy is 35 -year -old Wang Han, with a net worth of 17.5 billion. The wealth comes from Junyao Group. This is a family founded by Wang Han's father Wang Junyao. Modern service companies, which are mainly investment in industrial investment, have 4 A -share listed companies including Auspicious Airlines and Junyao Health, including Wang Han, and Junyao Group has achieved a total of 3 billionaires, and the other two have 195 Wang Junjin of 100 million and Wang Junhao of 14 billion. The oldest is the founder of Spring and Autumn Airlines, 78 -year -old Wang Zhenghua, with a value of 20 billion wealth. The most wealth is controlled by rich people in their fifties. The wealth of 43 years between the 43 years between 50-159 is 103.8 trillion, the number of people accounts for 56.26%, and wealth accounts for 59.72%. Among the names, 7 people are located at the age group. In addition, there are 11 wealthy people in their forties, 10 in their sixty -year -old, and 5 rich people are higher than 70 years old.

From the perspective of the office area, the area with the largest number of people in 10 billion people is Pudong New District. 26 rich companies headquarters are located here. For example, Oriental hopes to come to Zhangjiang on Century Avenue and Pai Tai. Followed by Minhang District, there are nine wealthy people; the third is Changning District and Jing'an District, all of which have 7 rich people. The highest density of the rich is Huangpu District, with a total of 4 wealthy people, with 1 place per 5.12km² on average. Wealth also gathers in Pudong. The richest man is here, half of the top 10 are here, and 41.17%of the total wealth is here. There are 3 districts in Shanghai 16 districts without 10 billion rich people, namely Jiading District, Jinshan District, and Chongming District.

From the perspective of entrepreneurial hours, from 2000-2009 is the most time period for the birth of the rich. There were 5 companies established before 1990, 21 from 1990 to 1999, 32 between 2000 and 2009, and 8 established after 2010. Different from the normal distribution of the number of companies, the average entrepreneurial age of the rich people in the four stages has increased. The average entrepreneurial age before the 1990s was 28 years old; in the 1990s, the age was 29 years old; from the millennium to 10 years, the average entrepreneurial age of the rich was 36 years old; after 10 years, it increased to 40 to 40 years later. age. It is very interesting that the top two of the Ten billionaire list, Liu Yongxing's Oriental hopes to be established in 1982, Huang Yan's Pinduoduo was established in 2015. At that time, Liu Yongxing was 34 years old, Huang Yan was 35 years old, and his age was close, but his background experience was completely different. In the spring of 1982, when I heard the news that the Lu Guanqiu contracting factory in Zhejiang was entrepreneurial, the four brothers of Liu Yongxing, who lived in the poor, determined to resign from the public office and join the Shanghai. It was 1,000 yuan in the west, and the Xinjin County Yuxin Gear Farm was established in this way. I planted vegetables first, and later saw that the vegetables covered the area too large, and changed to chicken. The door god paper that was sent to the new breeding farm advertisement for free, and brushed the walls to farmers to write the slogan of the new seed farm on the wall. They The business of business became popular. Later, because people thought that the nutritional value of quail eggs was higher than that of eggs, the price was two or three times the price of eggs, but the breeding cost of quail was lower and the mature cycle was shorter. superior. With knowledge and skills, the four brothers quickly explored excellent breeding skills and started a large -scale breeding. In less than a year, more than one million quails incubated by Yuxin Gear Field. King. In 1986, Song Jian, the director of the National Science and Technology Commission, made a special trip to visit the Yuxin Liangxiang Farm and left an inscription: "China's economic revitalization is hoped to be socialist entrepreneurs." Later, the four brothers' respective companies were "hope".

Compared to Liu Yongxing, Huang Yan's resume is more popular. When reading, "pursuing the first", admitted to Hangzhou, Zhejiang University, and Wisc to study; working in Google and had lunch with Buffett; later adhered to the business philosophy of "600,000 years old". After returning to China Mobile phone operation and game company; in 2015, Pinduoduo was founded. In the case of almost everyone thinks that the e -commerce pattern is established, they are born in the air and are amazing.

Both Liu Yongxing and Huang Yan's entrepreneurial deeds have strong times, and the times have achieved different wealth -making industries. From the perspective of the industry, the most important industry in Shanghai is investing in the industry. 13 wealth originated from industrial groups. Through industrial investment layout, manufacturing, medical, finance, education and other business segments, such as mentioned earlier, Yao Group, Liu Yiqian's "New Reason", Zhang Guobiao's Fuchun Holdings, etc. There are five other investors from investment institutions, such as Chen Jinxia, ​​who invested in Yongjin, Ge Weidong invested in Chaos Investment, and Xu Xin of today's capital. The second -ranked industry is real estate. Nine rich people are engaged in the industry, including Tong Jinquan, Baolong's Xu Health, and Mi Zhiming of Bolong. The third industry that is rich in the rich is logistics, with a total of 8 people on the list. Only Zhongtong Express has created 3 wealthy people. Yunda and Yuantong are also on the list. The fourth place is the Internet and medical and health industries, each with 5; the integrated circuit and the entertainment media industry also have 4 people; there are 3 rich people engaged in the light industry or new energy industry; in addition There are 2 rich people.

Throughout the past, the wealthy laws can also be glimpsed from the law of wealth. After the reform and opening up, bold and insightful people can realize funds entering the production field in non -state -owned forms in various ways. Red Star Macron, which was established in a furniture workshop in the year; in 1989, with a sentence "Shan Shan brand, don't be too chic", the Shan Shan enterprises that were all over the north and south of the river; Electric. Capital privatization has generated unprecedented excitement at this stage. The rich in China began to be born in batches in the manufacturing industry.

The next discovered gold mine is real estate. There is no need to say more about this industry. Most of them get the first bucket of gold in the commodity market "arbitrage", and then enter the "arbitrage" of the factor market to achieve soaring wealth. For example, Jin Huiming, the chairman of the Shanghai Local Labor Enterprise Dahua Group, is very representative. High school degree, from the deputy mayor and the village party secretary to the real estate owner. Dahua Group was originally a collective enterprise. In 1988, its predecessor was established by the commodity residential development company of Baoshan District, Baoshan District, Shanghai. In 1992, in order to cooperate with the reform of the housing system, the Grand Field Town Government established the Shanghai Daochang real estate development on this basis Managing companies; in 1994, the general manager and legal person of the real estate real estate changed to Jin Huiming; in 2002, Jin Huiming purchased more than 48%of Dahua's equity for 52.82 million yuan, achieving absolute control of Dahua Group; in 2005, Forbes, Forbes, Forbes In the announcement of the Chinese rich list, Jin Huiming ranked 36th with a personal wealth of 2.7 billion; to this day, its wealth reached 15 billion yuan, ranking 26th in the Shanghai 10 billion richest list. The industry that must be mentioned is the Internet, which is also the industry that enjoys the largest country's dividends. The improvement of communication infrastructure, the coverage of 4G networks, the huge markets brought by the Internet through the smartphone to the Internet, coupled with the extremely low Internet industry is extremely low Around 2010, Around 2010, a large number of companies relying on the Internet came out like mushrooms, such as Bilibili, making videos, Pinduoduo for e -commerce, and playing games. The number of users also exceeded 900 million, and even to the top ten of the global active APP. Although the future is unknown in the future, the future is unknown, but Chen Danian has already received a gift to catch up with the Internet tide.

Another type of effective "rich production line" is the technology industry. Whether it is pharmaceutical or core, the footnote of this group is often "learning and excellent business". It is also not uncommon for doctors. The original entrepreneur who did not see the scriptures immediately turned into billionaires once they landed in the capital market. For example, Zhao Lixin, who is a CMOS image sensor chip, and Tsinghua's master. In 2003, he founded Gepo Micro. After August last year, Geke Wei's success was successfully listed on the science and technology board. Rich list.

Shanghai has always been a city that is rich in attention, and wealth is even more popular eternal focus. For most people, wealth is or the rich. Fortune above meta -in, it can stabilize the freedom of wealth, but the rich is still competing and still competing. Although their original intentions are mostly themselves, it is undeniable that they are also struggling with corporate employees and Chinese economy. For these "super wealth creators", these people who can bring labor employment and economic growth are worthy of them.

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