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Author:China International Import Exp Time:2022.09.30

The autumn rain is moist, the autumn wind is cool, and the golden autumn September is ushered in. The pace of the Fifth Expo is getting closer and closer, and "My Entry Story" has also been known and concerned about more and more people. Friends who participated in the Expo and followed the Expo, and used their sharing to depict a "common memory" about the Expo. On June 1st, we launched the "My Entrance Story" collection event, and in July and August, we published a number of outstanding works around the theme of "big strategy" and "big markets". In September, we will continue to share the "My Graduation Story" around the theme of the "big platform", telling the "overflow effect" of "exhibit products" and "exhibitors" and "exhibitors" and "exhibitors". Let's hold the "Golden Key" of the Expo in the "Expo Story", to go to the golden autumn appointment to share the golden future!

Qualcomm Chairman China Chairman

Meng Pu

Autumn is the harvest season. Since 2018, every year, the Golden Autumn Festival, the Expo will set out the fruitful results of global international procurement, investment promotion, humanistic exchanges, and open cooperation on the "four -leaf grass". This is one of my busiest moments every year. In the past five years, I have participated in the previous Expo. Here I have met new friends, deepened exchanges, expand cooperation with old friends, and promote the development of China's wireless communications industry with practical actions.

This year is the fifth anniversary of the Expo. I still clearly remember the scene of participating in the first Expo five years ago. In 2018, the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, as an iconic project to promote a new round of high -level opening to the outside world, it was held that year, and it was just right. In the first expo, the number of visitors to Qualcomm booths exceeded 70,000, and the 5G technology that had not been commercial has attracted much attention from all walks of life. At that time, I believed that China would become a key market for the development of 5G industry.

The five years of holding the Expo is the five years when Qualcomm 5G products have entered the Chinese market. At the first Expo, we showed a 5G mobile test platform close to the size of a smartphone, allowing the audience to "adopt early adopters" the speed of the Gigabit mobile network in advance. At the second Expo, more than 20 5G commercial mobile phones and 5G modules occupied the C position of the Qualcomm booth, achieving the smooth landing of new technologies. At the 3rd Expo, we showed the application of 5G technology outside the mobile phone, and became one of the table tennis robots, one of the "Internet celebrity punching points" of the Expo. Bett's cooperation results. This robot shows the important role of 5G+AI in the fields of professional training, national fitness and other fields, and is loved by the audience. In addition, with the help of previous Expo booths, we also showed many cutting -edge technologies such as smart flagship SUVs and smart skateboards, as well as 5G typical applications covering industrial, automobiles, education, and medical care to visitors.

The Qualcomm booth of the Expo, the author (middle) demonstrates the 5G technical ping -pong robot to the audience

Mr. An Meng, the CEO of Gathong, believes that in the process of our implementation of a new strategy of diversification, the cooperative relationship with Chinese partners will continue to deepen, and the Expo will provide Qualcomm with valuable platforms for Qualcomm. Last year, we joined the Expo's integrated circuit and automobile special committee to share innovative results with all walks of life and carry out industrial collaboration to help us and our partners integrate into the domestic and international dual cycles and work together to move towards a new development pattern. With the help of the Expo, our cooperation in China has expanded from mobile phones to cars, the Internet of Things and other fields, and the "circle of friends" has become bigger and bigger.

The five years of holding the Expo is also the five years of Qualcomm's increase in investment in China. In the past five years, Qualcomm Venture Capital has invested more than 70 Chinese companies, and the number of new investment companies in China has increased by more than 70%. In the past three years, the number of employees in China has increased by more than 20%each year. The second -phase expansion project of Quanxun RF started in Wuxi last year will be completed by the end of this year. After the test production at the beginning of next year, it will gradually expand production. development of. At the same time, Qualcomm has established five joint innovation centers in China, three of which were established after 2019, covering 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, XR and other fields ...

The Qualcomm booth of the Expo, the author (second from right) introduced the results of Qualcomm's technological progress and cooperation results to the visitors

The Expo shows China's determination to promote high levels of opening up. We also hope to let everyone see Qualcomm's long -term confidence in the Chinese market and always stand with Chinese partners.

The communication industry is a very high degree of globalization. "Fasting alone and far away." This is what I often talk about when communicating with government officials, experts, and peers at the Expo. In November this year, Qualcomm and I will continue to participate in the Expo to show more the latest cooperation with Chinese partners. At the same time, I also hope that I can get together with my old friends, and meet more new friends, and usher in another season of harvest!

Meng Park, currently the chairman of China China, is fully responsible for Qualcomm's business and operations in China, and strengthens the cooperation between Qualcomm and China Wireless Communication, Semiconductor and Smart terminal industry. Since the first Expo 2018, he has led Qualcomm to actively participate in the Expo and personally participate in it for four consecutive years.

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