Building a network defense line to keep the security bottom line

Author:Northern Xinjiang Guardian Time:2022.09.13

"The Internet is the key to use double -edged swords, safe use ..." Since the launch of the "Military Camp Network Security Publicity Week" activity, a brigade of the 78th Army has organized a variety of cooperation activities to guide officers and soldiers to scientifically use the network, safely access the Internet, and build a comprehensive building, and build a comprehensive building. Capture Camp Network Security Line.

The brigade leader said that the event took the form of online and offline combination and military and land linkage, and educated officers and soldiers to defend the bottom line of network security and learn to resolve network security risks.

During the event, they organized officers and soldiers to learn cyber security regulations, launching the battalion to make common sense of network security into poster slogans, and posted publicity in the window board and military camp information window halls; guided officers and soldiers to flexibly use the official WeChat public account of the "Ministry of Public Security" The contents of the "wonderful case" and "knowledge base" and other columns, relying on the subject of officers and soldiers to carry out the "according to the case" activity, use the troops and soldiers to tell the typical cases around the officers and soldiers; Officers and soldiers popularize the knowledge of the frontiers and security protection of online technology.

In addition, the travel defense department and the local network information office established a network security supervision and military -related public opinion collaboration mechanism. With the combination of "civil defense, technical defense, and group defense", the sensitive information involved in the army involved in the army was cleaned up, and it was truly before the pass. Moved, the military ground joined hands to build a copper wall and iron wall that maintains the network security of the barracks.

Text: Yang Pengbao Yang Guiliang Zhao Junqi

Photograph: Ren Jiabao

Mislative: Army 78th Group Military Political Work Department

Manager: Publicity Office of the Political Work Department

Laiyuan: Beijiang Guishi Number

Chief Supervisor: Yang Wing Ship

Chief Editing: Zhang Sheng

Chief Editor: Niu Hui

Editor in charge: Li Xuanrui

Editor on duty: Changgui Ping Gaoxin

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